tea farm singha park
Singha Park Tea Plantation © Koon

1 day Chiang Rai

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For tourists who do not have enough time and only want to visit Chiang Rai once. We offer a one-day tour that includes transportation to and from Chiang Mai via road, 180 kilometers, and a 3-hour drive through scenic routes that pass through several beautiful northern mountains.

On the way, you’ll stop at some of the most exciting sights along the way before returning to Chiang Mai in the evening.

hot spring
Mae Kha Chan Hot Spring on the roadside.

Visit Attractions

We focus on the list below first, and if you prefer something else, it can be added to your itinerary. Just manage your time in each place.

  • Mae Kha Chan Hot Spring
  • White Temple
  • Blue Temple
  • Black House
  • Singha Park

The highlight is Wat Rong Khun (White Temple), which a famous national artist designed. The main temple building is a distinctive white color, decorated with fragments of reflective glass that can be seen from afar.

And most of us will stop for lunch at Singha Park which is of high quality and a standard restaurant with a good atmosphere. You can also visit the interesting activities here as well.

Maybe you’ll enjoy the restaurant’s recommendation, or you’ll find the shop on your own.

ford in cr



3,500 THB
Driver & Petrol
blueberry cheese pie
Suan Charin Bakery & Garden Resort © Koon

A sample journey

  • In the morning
    • We will pick you up at the hotel.
    • Mae Kha Chan Hot Spring is our first stop.
    • Visit Wat Rong Khun [White Temple].
    • Singha Park and lunchtime.
white temple
White Temple
  • In the afternoon
    • Bann Dum [Black House].
    • Wat Rong Suea Ten [Blue Temple].
    • Suan Charin Bakery & Garden Resort.
    • Arrive in Chiang Mai and drop off at your hotel.

This trip is usually a day trip from Chiang Mai, but you can request it to be one-way and drop you off at a hotel in Chiang Rai if that is more convenient for you. This is a good idea if you’re traveling between cities and want to see some sights.

blue temple
Wat Rong Seur Ten is better known as the Blue Temple.

It’s possible to drop you off at Chiang Rai Airport if you have a flight from there. Or add one more night’s stay in Chiang Rai, please inform us before leaving.

Many groups say that they are tired because they didn’t plan to go to Chiang Rai before, but they are worth seeing it. So consider Chiang Rai on your bucket list for 3 days be great.

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