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1 day Mae Taeng Elephant Park and Clinic

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Our group was invited by our friend who donated food to the elephants at Mae Taeng Elephant Camp during COVID-19 2 years ago, so we decided to visit and support their business.

So today we are excited to travel by car and go to the north of the city. Heading to Mae Taeng District for about 50 km. But our group had not had breakfast yet. We change to route 1001 and go to a delicious Thai restaurant on this way.

1 day mae taeng petch nakorn
Petch Nakorn Restaurant.

Energize with breakfast

When we arrive at Petch Nakorn restaurant, there is a parking lot on the side. We ordered a full meal so we could taste many dishes (eating Thai-style food to join together). So there is no need to rush anything for this morning.

fresh vegetables
My favorite is fresh vegetables like southern Thai cuisine is available free of charge.

landscape of camp
Infographic location map.

Arrive elephant park

Then head to Mae Taeng Elephant Park. Soon we reach our destination. There is convenient parking. We get to contact the ticket office and various packages are available.

Every package was very interesting and looked fun. My American friend did not need to wait and decided to buy the full option package immediately.

The package cost is 1,600 THB per person, and the duration is 4 Hours (approx.) including Elephant Trekking, Elephant Show, Bamboo Rafting, Ox Cart Ride, and Lunch Buffet.

chat with owner
Khun Duangdee chats with us about what was going on.

Chat with the owner

While waiting for the show, our friends also brought Khun Duangdee, the owner of the business, to introduce us. We had a good opportunity to learn about elephants that have suffered many hardships in the past.

Introduce basic knowledge about elephants before the show.
elephant painting
Elephants can draw pictures.
buying painting work
The auctioned painting.

At 11 o’clock, the elephant show begins. The show includes elephants working in the jungle and dragging and pushing logs. They play harmonica and dance, and the highlight is the elephant painting.

My friend auctioned the painting. It was 1,000 THB for a great souvenir. He was also invited as the representative of the audience to receive a bouquet of welcome flowers.

elephant trek
The elephant trek across the river.

Enjoy next stations

Afterward, we go elephant trekking and have a lunch buffet with various foods. Then take a local farmer’s transportation, an ox-cart ride for 20 minutes, and a leisurely trip along the rural Mae Taeng River by bamboo raft for 40 minutes.

ox cart
The old tradition of transport of farmers.
bamboo rafting
Bamboo rafting along Mae Taeng River.

The raft men have gently lowered you through farmland and breathtakingly beautiful green scenery. You can unwind as you slowly move along the river. A shuttle bus then transports you back to the camp when we are completed.

yai boonma
Yai Boonma love to eat banana.

Don’t forget to visit Yai Boonma

Before we go back, we have to visit and feed Grandma Boonma, a female elephant who is over 70 years old, a favorite of tourists with bangs, and a mammoth in Thailand.

wat baan den
Mixed pagodas in Thailand @ Wat Baan Den.

We finished our activities here in the late afternoon, then I went to Ban Den temple to see the center of contemporary pagoda architecture made with modern materials. We still have enough time until tonight’s dinner at Baan Suan Mae Rim.

baan suan mae rim
Mixed northern dishes (hors d’oeuvres) @ Baan Suan Mae Rim.

It’s your time

You can travel in your car as shown on the map above. Or can be added to your trip planner for long journeys. There’s even more content in this blog. But I wanna let you come by yourself and touch real things.

If you are interested in using our services car with a driver please contact us in advance. Just click on the image below.

ford 32 coffee



3,500 THB
Driver & Petrol

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