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10 days Su Kho Thai to Chiang Rai

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This loop begins in Su Kho Thai and continues to Chiang Rai, where it ends. This is a traditional northern Thailand explorer loop on which I worked with a travel agency.

This is one of the most satisfying experiences. Discover the highlights of Northern Thailand’s most culturally significant city.

They did not include Chiang Mai in their itinerary and planned to end in Chiang Rai, which surprised me. We had plenty of time to rest and stop along the way each day because the journey was uncomplicated.

sri chum sukhothai

Let's see what going on

We started with a three-day delay since we wanted to see more of Sukhothai’s attractions. Because it is not a longer weekend, the itinerary can be flexible. So, we drove to travel around Sukhothai.

Sukhothai very interesting. There are 2 Historical Parks and National Park to do natural activities. Moreover, there are a lot of local food is abundant.

Sukhothai Historical Park


You had a great sightseeing in Sukhothai Historical Park before we started our journey. Or you can add days for me to drive around Sukhothai. I’m not very good at history because there is little faith in tracing in history.

Destination : Su Kho Thai – Phrae – Nan – Phayao – Chiang Rai
Duration : 10 days 9 nights (Flexible)
Catalog : Touring | Family | Lifestyle
Start : Su Kho Thai
End : Chiang Rai

Phrae highlights

You will see ancient teak houses that are unique to Phrae Province which has a blend of style with Eastern Lanna. And also see the old traditions of Chiang Mai in the past that have been influenced as well.

wat phumin
The landmark of Nan Province

Nan loop

Nan has rapidly developed into a tourist destination due to its popularity on social media which has mountainous terrain even though there are not many forests covering the mountains.

The good condition road and developed will making excursion 2 – 3 days in Nan loop that will take you on nature and overnight stays in the various communities with comfy.

phu chi fa

Chiang Rai day trip

There are various attractions to choose from for a day trip or stay outside the city. It will cover popular destinations and new thing happening for you to discover.

It will be challenging and adventurous along the route that is rarely visited by foreign tourists.

tea farm singha park


Start from Sukhothai to cycling around Si Satchanalai Historical Park and afternoon will be arrive Phrae Province.

Depart from Phrae to Nan, you can choose to visit temples, forest parks, caves or waterfalls along the way.

Excursion Nan Loop for 3 days, it may be planned to stay outside the city as a homestay at Bo Kluea District on the mountain.

We will move from Nan across the mountains to Phayao. We will be staying by the quiet and beautiful lake.

Today we will continue our journey to Chiang Rai. This is the northernmost province of Thailand and has many tourist attractions.

Make a city tour in Chiang Rai or move to stay by the Mekong River where a popular destination.

Send you off at Chiang Rai Airport or Chiang Khong-Huay Xai border if you had the next destination across to Laos.

We probably will back to Chiang Mai Airport if no flight to next place on planned.

Travel with us



4,000 THB / day

Included :
Accommodation for drivers and petrol.
Excluded :
Entry fees and personal expenses.

nok air
Chiang Rai Airport

For this long trip, it takes time to consider and prepare travel plans. I can advise and recommend accommodation in each destination. And of course, I’ll be looking for authentic local food and favorite restaurants.

Please do not hesitate to contact us upon your convenience. 

Hope we will go together.

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