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2 days just Pai

Pai is one of the most famous town of Mae Hong Son. Located in the north Chiang Mai with a peaceful of charming valley and a beautiful countryside.

This trip for tourists need a little know Pai and suddenly planning while traveling around Chiang Mai. Just see the beautiful landscape and get an experience on the mountain road. And it also add this trip on your list to combine itinerary in north loop Thailand.

pai bamboo bridge
Mae Hong Son @ Pai Bamboo Bridge

We choose to visit some places on the way. Stop for lunch at the stylish restaurant. Stay 1 night in Pai town, go shopping at the walking street and colorful nightlife. You will know why the travelers come over here. I have an example itinerary that I ever done below.

pai book shop
Pai @ Book Shop
pai elephant
Pai @ Elephant Riding


Experience the long long winding road to Pai and the beauty that the Pai has to offer. Visit an interesting on the way and most tourist attractions around Pai.


Day 1 : Chiang Mai – Pai

Part I

Start from hotel. Drive on Highway 1095 which is road to Pai and has an interesting to visit on the sideroad and take a break for coffee or meal anytime. The lists down below are the places where we ahead to Pai.


  • Natures
    • Mok Fa Waterfalls
    • Pong Duet Geyser
    • Huai Nam Dang National Park
  • Foodies
    • Green Food Coffee
    • Pankled Coffee
    • 32 Coffee Hill & Resort
    • Coffee We / Witch’s House
bird nest
Pai @ I Love U Pai

Part II

Continue to Pai and before arriving, it’s possible to visit the 2nd World War Memorial Bridge that crosses the Pai River, Pai Canyon and take a journey in the picturesque flowers garden and have some coffee at Yellow House & Coffee in Love, a cute little coffee shop.

Or directly to check-in at hotel first and then come out to enjoy finding your own dinning, drinking and shopping at the unique walking street of Pai.

pai foodie
Pai @ Fruit Factory Restaurant

Day 2 : Back to Chiang Mai

Managing a little things to do in the morning and the we leave Pai about noon, drive back to Chinag Mai will arrive at 4 o’clock. So, take a nap and viewing for 3 hours.

pai coffee
Pai @ Coffee & Scenery

Things to do in Pai

  • Cultures
    • Bamboo Bridge
    • Chinese Village
    • Wat Nam Hoo
    • Wat Phra That Mae Yen
    • Pai Memorial Bridge
  • Natures
    • Pai Canyon
    • Tha Pai Hot Spring
    • Sai Ngam Natural Mineral Spring
      • Seasonal
        1. Bamboo Rafting
        2. Mae Yen Waterfall
        3. Mo Paeng Waterfall
        4. Pam Bok Waterfall
  • Lifestyle
    • Cycling
    • Elephant Riding
    • Massage and Spa
    • Walking Street
    • Ride a Scooter
pai meal
Pai @ Delicious Food

Additional info

Actually, we do nothing in Pai. Just eat, read and sleep as Pai’s character. A young backpacker told me years ago. Pai is constantly changing. I cannot update everything all the time. But it has amazing as the earth’s rotation. Awesome, we will see what’s going on.

Entrance Fees

  • The National Park fee = Adult 400 THB, Children 200 THB

Notes : It can be continued to visit The National Parks within one day for once time entrance fee paid. That is the permission within 1 day in progress. Just show the ticket at check point when you drive through the next one.

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The most common way to get to Pai is take a minivan from Chiang Mai, these are fairly cheap and quick, and it seem to be also a bit crazy on the road has more 800 curves and sitting 3 hours in a cramped minivan can make you nauseous.

Suggest : Avoid to take a back seat row.

Make sure you will not car sickness before book transport to Pai from any hostel or agency in Chiang Mai. You can copy this trip to your required transport. I delight in dedicated and permission for use. If you need a private car as smooth journey on the road twist and turn please kindly contact us.


pai guesthouse
Pai @ Baan Tawan

When you have free time please come back to read more blogs about Pai. I will published later until the situation Coronavirus outbreak has been resolved. Of cause, you also enjoy our website during renovation upon convenience.

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