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7 days Chiang Mai to Mae Sot

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Going on the long, long, winding road along the western border of Thailand with Myanmar (Burma). We call these 3 Mae: Mae Hong Son, Mae Sariang, and Mae Sot. This route from Chiang Mai to Mae Sot takes 7 days. (flexible).

I have traveled this route many times during which there is no flight from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son. But they have Nok Air flying from Mae Sot to Bangkok. As a result, Mae Sot is our final destination, where we will be dropped off. (Air Asia also came to operate flights to Mae Sot and share the market later.)

7 days from chiang mai to mae sot
Route Map: Begin in Chiang Mai and travel south to Mae Sot.


Everything starts with Chiang Mai and then goes to Pai for one night. The next day, we travel to Mae Hong Son for two nights, then to Mae Sariang for two nights, and finally to Mae Sot for one night.

DestinationChiang Mai, Pai, Soppong, Mae Hong Son, Mae Sariang, Mae Sot
CatalogTouring, Family, Lifestyle

My client came up with the idea for this trip. He and his family (two adults and three children) plan to visit Mae Hong Son this morning. He intended to travel to Pai, Mae Hong Son, Mae Sariang, and Mae Sot, where he would drop off and finish.

I received confirmation, and I now have only two hours to prepare everything, including my car and luggage, and pick them up. But, I reasoned, I’m fortunate in that I have nothing to do this week. I’d like to go to Mae Sot as well.

3 days pai bridge

Pai and Soppong

I’ll pick them up and drive them to Pai. We stop for a while along the way. Drop off and check in at the hotel in Pai later. While we have some free time, he shows me the Mae Sot trip planner and then we fly to Bangkok the next day.

We spend two nights in Pai to take a day tour of the town and experience the nightlife. The next day, we travel to Soppong to visit a hill tribe village for a one-night homestay with Shan at Mae Lana. Oh, and there were 4 Mae in our group.

mae aw rak thai

Mae Hong Son

He had planned to spend two nights in Mae Hong Son, but when they arrived and took a look around the resort, he changed his mind. They need to extend their stay for two more nights, but they are unable to change their flight schedule.

river house

Mae Sariang

We continued on our journey and made plans to stay in Mae Sariang, a small town with many wooden houses, last night. The riverside hotel is an excellent choice for a stay. You will love this town.

Mae Sot

Drive to Mae Sot on the last day along the border. The road is beautiful, with mountains in the background and views of the countryside.

They’ll stay for another night to wait for an early flight to Bangkok and a connecting flight to Phuket. I drop them off at the hotel and say goodbye with good memories of the past 7 days.

I have to drive back to Chiang Mai on the main highway for 7 hours. Perhaps, looking for a restaurant or motel for tonight here, it’s not too bad. In case of safety, and while I have some free time, I’d like to conduct a survey and gather current information about this city in preparation for my next trip.

Notes: From Mae Sot, you can extend your trip to Sukhothai to visit Sukhothai Historical Park for 2 – 3 days. And we also do backward from Sukhothai or Mae Sot to Chiang Mai with the same direction and duration. Copy this trip planner and contact me when you have some free time.


DAY 1: Chiang Mai-Pai
DAY 2: Mae Hong Son
DAY 3: Mae Hong Son
DAY 4: Mae Sariang
DAY 5: Mae Sariang
DAY 6: Mae Sot
DAY 7: Mae Sot-Bangkok


You can fine-tune the program’s details. Sightseeing and accommodation according to budget and itinerary. We can extend the day and be flexible.

We can begin at your location and rearrange your itinerary. Of course, we’ll be looking for authentic local cuisine and must-try restaurants.


  • You can also extend your stay if you find a place you enjoy.
  • We can work together to plan the itinerary, revise it, make reservations, and share information.
  • We can begin at your location.

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