Chiang Mai is the rose of the North.

The first step to discover north starts from here. The center of people crowd to seeking their fortune, a travel hubs and most of tourist destinations.

I’m gathering about Chiang Mai’s old day that still being and relate to tourist ways that for their enjoyable to find the things hidden, miss out or going to be lost. When they found it will say “Yes, Chiang Mai.”

Here, there are many interesting things that are hiding in this big city and await for discovered by you.

yellow rose

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A Passionate Travelling

Since I’ve been worked for a long long time and now still being like that. I never know that the traveling become to my job and stuck on my soul.

I just only know, I’m happy all my journey wherever been there and love to outdoor living with a freedom. I want to keep going on this route until one day coming up and I have to stop.

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Never give up any durations.

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The time go by and no return.


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Awesome Monsoon and Green Forest During July – October

“No road is too long for a man who knows where he’s going.”