bansaeo garden and resort

Bansaeo Garden and Resort

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This is a favorable place to stay. It is located on the banks of the best Mekong River in Thailand, which flows into the curve and turns north, making it possible to see the sunset over Laos. Actually, Laos is in the east of Thailand. It makes me confused while visiting here.

From Chiang Rai to Chiang Saen District, about 60 km, and then turning right 15 km east, you will pass various government departments that seem to be of no use and begin to enter the rural atmosphere along the road of the Mekong River.

bansaeo reception

Welcome with organic fruit

Turn into the resort, and it is surrounded by an organic fruit plantation plot focused on agriculture that is friendly with nature.

The area is a small hill along the riverbank. I can feel the slight movement of nature. A reception building that is like a tiny house.

bansaeo suite room

During check-in, they will welcome you with drinks and seasonal fruits from their plantation.

[ Pomelo, Jujube, longan, Mangosteen, Marian Plum, Jack Fruit, Durian, Rambutan and Mulberry. ]

Then the buggy car will drive you, and your luggage will be taken to your room.

bansaeo balcony

Rooms Types

There are many types of rooms we all need: standard, villa, suite with jacuzzi, honeymoon, dome tent, and camping car.

The room is designed to stretch along the Mekong River. You can soak up the scenery along the Mekong. Whether it is a view in the morning or a sunset viewing.

bansaeo dome tent
bansaeo swimming pool


The resort provides facilities and activities to service our guests, whether it is an outdoor swimming pool, both a children’s pool and an adult pool, or a pool bar where you can enjoy a refreshing drink along the Mekong River.

The waterfront promenade is ideal for walking and exercising. A restaurant that showcases an organized kitchen with enough food items for dinner and enjoys the sunset atmosphere on a balcony with a wide angle.

bansaeo dinner

My recommendation

I’m probably not good at describing. It is recommended that you stay here by yourself. You will be impressed by the beautiful nature surrounding the resort at every moment.

If you plan to visit Chiang Rai, that can be divided into stays outside the city that are perfect for traveling. This is the ultimate haven for relaxation and exploration in Chiang Rai.

bansaeo riverside

We chose to stay here after traveling in the northern zones such as Doi Tung, Mae Sai, and the Golden Triangle. And there are many more places that cannot be traveled within a day, which is unfavorable when entering the city and coming out to start again.

bansaeo camper car
Experience our exclusive camping car accommodations right on the banks of the Mekong River.



What’s nearby

From this point, you can easily go to Chiang Khong district in just an hour. You can cross to Laos, and travel continues to Vietnam and China as well.

Of course, as I recommend, you can split up a plan to stay in this area. The reason for the convenience of traveling the next day is that you can organize leisure activities such as the Golden Triangle skywalk or the archaeological sites of Chiang Saen. That can be arranged for half a day or a full day.

golden triangle

Of course, I have travel and tourism articles about the Chiang Rai lifestyle for you as a guide.

Chiang Rai is a great destination. If you have a number of travel days, check it out by touring category.

bansaeo parking

Parking lot

Parking is in front of the reception. Divided into two sides, shaded by trees, the ratio is sufficient for the number of rooms and can be added to the garden behind the meeting room if necessary. It’s great for those who drive their own cars.

ford in cr



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