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Best time to visit Chiang Mai

When is the best time to visit? What to expect in terms of weather, crowds, and activities. You will be able to plan your trip accordingly. At least make it come closer a perfectly and happily trip.

November to February

High season and best time for good weather to visit Chiang Mai and around North of Thailand. The cool season is the most pleasant season to spend here.

This is when the rain has stopped, nature is green, the waterfalls are filled up and the nights are fresh (and even cold sometimes). Take a warm jacket with you.

All the activities possible to do this travel period. The gorgeous weather but at its busiest, especially during Christmas and the western New Year holidays bring crowds and inflated rates.

I highly recommend to visit Chiang Mai this season and booking in advance to get a budget cost.

March to May

Generally very hot and dry, with an average temperature of 38°C and might be rise up to 42°C. in April. The Major events is Songkran Thai New Year. This period is the best time to head to the Andaman coast.

During the hot season temperatures during the day regularly reach 40 degrees Celsius. These are the least enjoyable months to be in Chiang Mai. Not just because of the high temperatures, but also because of the city’s smog.

I’m not recommend to visit here in the summer time except you want to join Songkarn. This season should go to lay on the sunshine and sea breezes in the south.

June to October

Green season follows the monsoons, the landscape is lush and temperatures are comfortable. The rainy season brings the long awaited cool weather in the form of rain, which usually falls at the end of the afternoon in tropical downpours.

The jungle around Chiang Mai is a magnificent green and full of life and go to trekking for once. However, the sea breezes in the gulf coast islands ( Samui and neighboring ) are your best bet for avoiding rain.

This is a good for budget travel to get a low price and tourists are not much. Recommend visit the countryside over the mountain. You will see sunshine in the rain.

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