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Classic Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai loop 7 days

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It was a classic travel program in the past that I used to take tourists. We are ahead on Highway 107 via Chiang Dao, Fang, and Mae Ai. Then cross over to Chiang Rai and make an excursion for a couple of days.

We will return to Chiang Mai on the major Highway 108. It is very simple to travel and focus on the interests that you preferred.

classic chiang mai to chiang rai
Singha Park

For whom is it appropriate?

Because tourists are given a 30-day visa for a reason, as I have done inbound tours, it is necessary to plan the trip in three parts.

One of the major highlights, next for a good option or extension, and last of the most days, will be at the beaches in the south.

By the way, for tourists who want to extend periods, we can do a visa run at the Mae Sai immigration.

mae sai immigration
Mae Sai Immigration

Flying directly to Chiang Mai allows you to better manage your travel schedule. Please follow the schedule to resume service again on our blog. Direct flight to Chiang Mai sooner.

If you’ve already visited Bangkok and the Central Region, traveling to the North will be beneficial and provide you with a more relaxing day.

Directions and destinations

Let’s get started

Traveling is now very convenient, especially on the way to Fang, which is only a few hours away from Chiang Mai. Hinoki Land Japanese-style theme parks are a must-visit if you fancy Japan and are looking for an excursion. (temporarily closed for maintenance in 2022)

There’s a coffee shop and a restaurant onsite. The entry fee is 230 Baht for adults, the same for everyone (no dual pricing). You can spend an hour or more, as the place is outdoors, plan early or evening hours.

On the first day, we can stop by the road that we see and depending on what we had planned to visit. If we make a list of places to visit before arriving at the Baan Thaton accommodation near the Kok River, we will have a better idea of what to do.

classic 7d thaton viewpoint
Baan Thaton Scenic and Kok River

Baan Thaton [tha-ton]

If we arrive late, we have the option of staying at Fang or continuing to Baan Thaton as usual. By the Kok River blank, there are numerous lodging options.

If you want to stay by the Kok River for a few days, Huai Khum Resort is recommended. Drive another 30 minutes.

boat ride kok river
Ride a long-tail boat

Optional to Chiang Rai

Ride a long-tail boat

The next day, if you choose to ride a long-tail boat to Chiang Rai, you’ll be able to witness the tribal life along both sides. The river atmosphere of people traveling by boat along the Kok River down from Myanmar.

At 12:30 p.m., the boat will depart from the port, and I will be waiting for you at the destination pier. It is not recommended to travel between March and April because you have to go down to help push the boat. I’ve been before.

We devised a plan to spend a couple of days touring the Golden Triangle and the majority of northern Thailand, including Doi Tung and Mae Salong, before returning to Chiang Rai for another night.

mae salong
Mae Salong Lodging

Get on the road

Continue with our plan; if we’re not taking a long-tail boat, I’ll drive you to Chiang Saen and drop you off at the hotel on the Mekong River.

Today we drive up to Doi Mae Salong on the west side to visit Baan Din Akha Tribe and Yunnan Chinese Village.

farm 101 mae salong
Tea Farm

Mae Salong is also known as Santikhiri Village (san-ti-ki-ree). It was the 93rd Division of the Chinese Nationalist Army. You can also visit their memorial and learn about the culture or history of the Chinese Nationalist Army.

This mountain area is a popular tea farm and offers Chinese Yunnan cuisine for tourists. There are many types of accommodation, such as boutique hotels, resorts, and farm stays, on this mountain route.

golden triangle
Boat trip @ Mekong River

Golden Triangle

A place where you can see all 3 countries on the banks of the Mekong River. The story of opium can be read in a condensed version here House of Opium Museum or watch a full version at Golden Triangle Park Hall of Opium by the Royal Foundation.

Although not much, there is some accommodation available. It can be found from tourist class to luxury class in both the Chiang Saen and Triangle areas, which are only 8 kilometers apart.

doi tung
Doi Tung Garden

Mae Sai and Doi Tung

Mae Sai is the northernmost of Thailand, with immigration, checkpoints, and an overland crossing to Myanmar. Once, it was a shopping place for Thais to buy Chinese goods.

Visit the royal residence and flower garden at Doi Tung Palace. On this mountain road, they also have a lovely scenic coffee hill tribe shop.

take along kok river
Sightseeing along Kok River

Chiang Rai City tour

Chiang Rai also has a nice place to relax, and you might enjoy going for a walk and seeing the sights. If you happen to be in town on Saturday, you might be able to join the Saturday Walking Street in the evening.

Or let me take you on a long-tail boat trip along the banks of the Kok River and highlights of Chiang Rai.

car meter
Beyond Chiang Mai

Back to Chiang Mai

Before leaving Chiang Rai, make a stop to visit the White Temple. Taking a photograph in the morning is a good idea. And don’t forget to take a coffee break and bake at Suan Charin Garden along the way.

Return to Chiang Mai on the final day of your trip in the afternoon.

You can make a plan to travel shorter or longer as you prefer. I’m just displaying some of the itineraries and routes that I’ve taken in the past.


Day 1: Chiang Mai-Baan Thaton
Drive to Baan Thaton and make a stop to visit along the way.

Day 2: Baan Thaton-Mae Salong
Go to the mountain to visit Mae Salong village and stay overnight there.

Day 3: Doi Tung-Mae Sai
From Mae Salong continue to Doi Tung, Mae Sai, and Chiang Saen.

Day 4: Golden Triangle-Chiang Saen
The Golden Triangle, Opium Museum, ride a boat, and be free at leisure.

Day 5: Chiang Saen-Chiang Rai
Move to Chiang Rai city and make an excursion en route.

Day 6: Chiang Rai
Chiang Rai city tour, highlights, and free at leisure.

Day 7: Chiang Mai
Back to Chiang Mai or continue to your destination.


You can adjust the details to meet your holiday plan. Sightseeing and accommodation according to budget and itinerary. We can extend the day and be flexible.

We can begin at your location and rearrange your itinerary. Of course, we’ll be looking for authentic local cuisine and must-try restaurants.


  • Extend your stay if you find a place you enjoy.
  • Work together to plan the itinerary, and share information.

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