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Family touring of Chiang Mai

The family tour of Chiang Mai for the kids will be fun on a mini adventure for learning and recreation. This trip is also for a newcomer who has just visited Chiang Mai. It’s a suggestion for planning a trip that can be short or long depending on your schedule.

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  • Climb up a “sticky” calcified waterfall
  • Thailand’s highest spot is 2,565 m.
  • Mini trekking to the waterfall
  • Learn how to care for elephants
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After you can adjust your physical condition to the local time. We will start with light activities and gradually increase the level. City tour and mini adventure for days 1-2, and then soft trekking and staying overnight on the mountain for 2 days 1 night. In the end, you will relax with simple activities.


The date of arrival and customization of the jetlag to going outdoors. Because it will help biological clocks adjust faster. And sunlight is also a good help in reducing weariness. When you reach your destination. Let’s go for a walk outdoors and make a short trip to the city viewpoint.

Visit the Doi Pui loop, walk around Hmong Doi Pui Village, and then spend time on the grounds featuring flowers at Bhu Ping Palace. And the most important temple at Wat Phra That Doi Suthep.

Drive two hours to Mae Ngat Dam, where you’ll find a large reservoir surrounded by mountains. Hop into a kayak and paddle from the dam for about two hours until you reach a floating restaurant, and eat for lunch.

Ride a long-tail boat back and drive 30-minute to the Bua Tong Waterfalls also known as the “Sticky Waterfalls” which are a real treat for the kid

The calcified limestone rocks underneath are porous and feel “sticky” from the streaming water, making them easy to climb. Take off your shoes and join in, or climb the path alongside.

  • Ascend to the peak of Thailand’s highest mountain
  • Take a short trek on a jungle boardwalk (Ang Ka Nature Trail)
  • Twin Stupas and a beautiful garden
  • Lunch at the Royal Agricultural Research Restaurant
  • Trekking to Pha Dok Sieo Waterfall
  • Overnight at Karen Village “Mae Klang Luang Rim Than House”
  • Shopping in the Hmong Hill tribe market
  • Get a stunning view of the Wachirathan Waterfall
  • Pha Chor is a small canyon, a pretty easy hike from the parking area
  • Lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, “Salween Restaurant.” There is a unique and recommended fish menu at this restaurant. In the afternoon, we will do water activities at Chiang Mai Canyon and back to town.
  • Have a coffee at Kao Mai Lanna Resort first. Just enter inside a bit to Café. As this is a popular photo shoot location, there are rooms converted from an ancient tobacco curing house.
  • Then Return to Chiang Mai for the evening.

Spend the day with lovable elephants. You’ll learn about being a mahout, or elephant trainer. Practice getting on and off the elephant and how to direct it while riding. Then bathe and feed it as part of its daily care. Select your choice to go with.

Travel on your feet in the city. Walking in the morning for 2-3 hours would be great. Have lunch at a hidden restaurant then ride the Mae Ping cruise to escape the heat for 2 hours.

In the evening, go to Wat Umong, which is outstandingly different from other temples, and have dinner at the Foothills restaurant behind Chiang Mai University, which has 2 places for you to choose from.

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You’ll have another exciting morning. You’re going to a lovely beach, after all. Take advantage of the time you have free in the morning to prepare a delicious breakfast. Then I drive you to the airport for your departure. Fly directly to Phuket, Krabi, or Samui. Have a good trip.

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Chiang Mai also has a Saturday and Sunday walking street with lots of merchandise. If you come during that time, it would be great.

Mae Rim and San Kamphaeng loop are good options, please continue to read on Routes for a day trip. I suggest the direction in each zone.

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I have a sampler of a walk in the old town. You can read it on the blog “Walking to Visit the Temples in the old city“.

And there are also other interesting places, for example, Chiang Mai Zoo, Wiang Kum Kam, Royal Park Rajapruek, and Chiang Mai Night Safari which can be mixed as you prefer.

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