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Foodies day in Chiang Mai with Koon

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I’ll take you to a restaurant where you can enjoy some well-deserved food. For me, the three guiding principles of my foodie concept are taste, atmosphere, and service.

Because it must be made from high-quality raw materials and come at a cost, the price is something to be thought about later.

jungle de cafe
After the zipline adventure @ Jungle De Cafe.

Location is also a secondary reason. if you are certain that you will go and eat it. Near or far, it wouldn’t be an obstacle. If you want the food, your desire will grow. It is also another charm of traveling.

I have had the opportunity to visit many restaurants with tourists, friends, and family during July 2022. So I updated and recommended Thai restaurants, including Vietnamese food, which I had the opportunity to taste.

hung lay curry

There are many restaurants in Chiang Mai, and they offer a wide variety of menus, including authentic international cuisine. Either a small or large shop with decorations in various styles.


Go south of the city

The southern zone of the city will start from the Chiang Mai Gate of the old city and cover Doi Inthanon, although a bit far from town.

01. Suan Pak Restaurant

suan pak
Welcome meal @ Suan Pak Restaurant.

This restaurant is considered a regular restaurant. I always bring my clients here for both lunch and dinner. The location is near Chiang Mai Airport, which is a reasonable one. Therefore, it takes the shortest time to get to the restaurant when you arrive or before leaving Chiang Mai.

It originally had three eateries here, all owned by the same person. Currently, combined service with the salad vegetable zone and the noodles shop in the Suan Pak Restaurant.


02. Hello Solao

spicy glass noodle salad
Spicy Glass Noodle Salad.

The restaurant will be on the list for eating with friends because most of their houses are located around here. In this area, it’s quite hot during the day. And there is a problem with the service for the air-conditioned room.

In the evening, sitting outdoors is better. The recommended menu focuses on northeastern (Isaan) food i.e. Grilled Pork Salad, Papaya Spicy Salad, and Charcoal-boiled Pork Neck.

hello solao outdoor zone
Outdoor zone for dining.
so lao playground
A small world for our kids.

I might give a lower rating to this restaurant. But I often like to come here with my friends. They also have a playground for kids.


03. Khaomao Khaofang Imaginary Jungle

salad vegetables
Khaomao Khaofang Salad Vegetable.

The names are pronounced khao-mao and khao-fang and are known to everyone. The restaurant is at the top of the bucket list of tourists. Especially at lunchtime because of the interior waterfall and the large trees that provide shade.

There is no air conditioning in the large hall-style structure. There is a coffee shop as well, but due to the pandemic, you still cannot sit down inside. Only available for takeout orders.

khao mao khao fang
A large hall @ Khaomao Khaofang.

In the evening, it is completely free to hang out with friends or family. It is recommended to sit by the pond area.

Make a reservation for a table in advance if you want the atmosphere you like. The menu can be viewed online in advance here.

The bathroom is decorated like a stream. Water runs out from the rocks when you turn the valve. Don’t forget to see the bathroom before leaving.


04. Salween Restaurant

salween restaurant
My regular area was seated ringside.

If you’re traveling on the south side of the city, whether Doi Inthanon, Phachor (Mae Wang National Park), and attractions in Mae Wang District.

This restaurant should be on the itinerary. The fish dishes are the specialty. They are well-known for their delicious taste.

Website: N.A.

05. Inthanon Restaurant

inthanon restaurant
Elephant grass roof seating zone with a viewing.

You may see the full name on Google Maps as Inthanon Restaurant Chom Thong Chiang Mai. But we all know that this restaurant will be in the Royal Project and is located in Doi Inthanon National Park.

menu set
We ordered 4 dishes, let’s join together.

It is a restaurant with a nice atmosphere on the mountain. beautiful scenery. Most tourists will not know. If they took a regular group city tour, they would also not be able to have lunch here. I recommend going on a private tour.

Ending our meal with dessert, avocado with coconut milk.

It’s fresh, less crowded, and recommended for lunch, so I like to visit during the rainy season. The Rainbow Trout menu may be available depending on the growth cycle due to employee changes.

In the high season, they have to book in advance. Since there isn’t much parking, you can walk from the lot outside. If you are not found on the maps, check it out and point to The Royal Agricultural Station Inthanon.

Website: N.A.

1 day Doi Inthanon

The highest mountain peak in Thailand.

If you’re interested in using our service for private travel. Please check the date availability. We will take you on the following sample itinerary for the 1 day Doi Inthanon.

Towards the city’s north

The northern zone will start from Chang Puak Gate towards Mae Rim District. I will arrange it to be close to the attractions.

06. Ajarn Saiyud’s Kitchen

ajarn sai yud coconut

The Thai restaurant is both beautiful and delicious. Every dish is beautifully decorated and carved. It’s like sitting and looking, not daring to eat at all. Call to reserve first because the crowded foodies make this shop look too small.

ajarn sai yud

English-speaking staff and good explanation of the food menu.


07. We La Dee

we la dee menu
we la dee inside

They pronounced it “way-la-dee” in Thai, and used other letters to play onomatopoeia from a source or origin.

The restaurant has a black theme and decorates every dish beautifully. The staff converses with you in a formal dialogue style while wearing black uniforms as well. For me, it looks dizzy, but the service is good.

we la dee food

The delicious food has excellent flavor. Additionally, they have a zone with air conditioning and open air by the large balcony.

But this time is not the best chance for me. Three young children who belong to the client’s large family are playing close by. I will be back again. Meanwhile, I have to look at the menu before I go.


08. Kaeng Ron Baan Suan

kaeng ron baan suan
baan suan table

It is a restaurant that regularly brings tourists here for lunch. Or maybe it will be included in the itinerary for 1 meal. Mostly, we will travel the Doi Suthep route and stop by for lunch in the late afternoon.

kaeng ron yum yum

We will sit and eat in the basement of a central Thai-style house or a side extension for lunch. In the evening, a good idea to sit and eat in the garden under the trees. The car park is at the back of the lychee garden.


09. Mai Saigon Restaurant And Bar

mai saigon

This is the first time that I ate at this restaurant. I had never been here before and loved it at first sight. And the first bite is pretty cool.

mai saigon dish

If you are a vegetable lover and Vietnamese food is the answer. I highly recommend this restaurant. Plus, the atmosphere of the clubhouse is very quiet.

The customers coming in gradually more and more but it’s not busy. I like it.

Website: N.A.

10. Baan Suan Mae Rim

baan suan corner

A long-established restaurant was famous for its spicy flavor. The atmosphere is suitable for drinking a beer (for me). It used to be a hidden restaurant because it is outside the district and the entrance was a gravel road.

baan suan yum
baan suan entrance
baan suan air room

My close friend from Bangkok chose this restaurant as the priority from lunch until dinner when he visited me. If you hang around in the Mae Rim area, I highly recommend adding this restaurant to your itinerary.


In the town

In the downtown area, there are quite a number of restaurants to choose from. As your guide, I’ll take you to sample the cuisine that’s renowned for its deliciousness along with a local.

11. Samsen Villa (Chiang Mai)

samsen villa
samsen villa table

This is a restaurant where we agree that the taste is the most delicious from comparing the menus that we order from all restaurants, as the same is steamed curry seafood in young coconut.

You can view here first. And there is a car park with 2 zones and a gateman.

samsen villa menu
samsen villa curry

We order Pad Thai 2 types of them and the signature one is Tamarin with Cha-Om sour (Orange curry soup). We have dinner during the beautiful twilight sky over Doi Suthep.


12. THE HOUSE by Ginger

house by ginger

This restaurant is located in the old town area, which is very suitable for you to stay nearby in this area. It’s just a 7-minute walk from Tha Phae Gate to Sri Phum Corner and through Somphet Market on the left.

Thai cuisine creates dishes offering unique traditions food and cooking from all home-cooked. The restaurant is decorated from old houses.

house by ginger terrace

Simply the perfect place to relax on a comfortable sofa, have a romantic candlelit dinner or enjoy warm nights at one of our outdoor terraces.

The dishes are beautifully decorated and the taste is good. I like the atmosphere and the staff can deal with foreigners very well.

You can find a table and see the menu on their website. Or make a phone call at 053 287 681 very easily, the reservation spoke English excellently.

Open daily
Hours: 11 am – 3 pm, 5 pm – 10 pm


How to make a reservation

inthanon table

Click the restaurant on the Google Maps link. Clicking on the phone numbers you see by scrolling down will cause your device to automatically connect to calls.

Please specify the exact appointment time and the number of people. Mostly, they rarely accept bookings via email.

mai saigon menu

For some restaurants, there will be a menu according to the attached link. You can choose to keep this in mind in advance.

If I have a chance to take you to any of these restaurants, don’t forget to buy me a beer.

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