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Getting to know 3 seasons in Thailand

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Thailand has three seasons: hot, cool, and wet. However, most people are unaware that the south has two seasons.

The weather is classified as hot and humid with a long monsoon season. April and May are the hottest months of the year.

HotMar – May
RainyJun – Oct
CoolNov – Feb
sunset at mae hong son
Mae Hong Son : Sunset viewpoint behind Doi Kong Mu Temple

Hot Season

The hot season lasts from March to May, with a heat wave kicking off in mid-February with slightly higher temperatures. This short period lasts from March to May. And we’re confident that by the end of April, you’ll be experiencing temperatures of 40°C.

Air pollution can be a problem this time of year in Chiang Mai and the Northern Region. However, the major festival, Songkran Festival [Thai New Year], has been a popular time for tourists in April to celebrate with the locals.

You’ll need some advice if you want to travel around Thailand this summer. It can make you heat up and knowing about heat stroke treatment happens when your body gets too hot.

raining on the way
Chiang Mai : Raining on the way to Mae Cheam and beautiful landscape

Rainy Season

The longest season is marked by slightly cooler temperatures, ranging from 22°C to 35°C, as well as rain. Throughout the country, the rain only lasts for an hour or two each day, depending on the region.

It can be a longer downpour when they have got a new tropical depression. The showers typically drop temperatures during the rainfall and sometimes up to a day afterward.

looking out from airplane
Fly me to the moon

But I adore this season, especially when it’s just sprinkling. Everything is green around us, and there are no more people passing by. They become calm and cool as the rain falls. And take me out of the messy day or cover me up.

The rain isn’t constant in the early months of the period as it will rain for one or two hours and then dry out. October is the last month of the monsoon season. Be aware that when the rains are the heaviest and last the longest, flash flooding may occur.

However, if you bring an umbrella or raincoat and travel inside during the rainy season in Thailand, you can still have a wonderful vacation.

sunflower festival in November
Mae Hong Son : Mexican Sunflower cover the hill in November

Cool Season

The most popular time to visit Thailand is between November and February, when the weather is at its coolest. With sunny and dry days, temperatures will range from 18°C to 30°C, but most visitors will still feel hot. The Thai people enjoy the pleasant weather.

In December, most provinces experienced a brief cold spell, particularly in the north, such as Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, and Mae Hong Son, and in the northeast, where it can get quite chilly.

trekking mae hong son
Mae Hong Son : Trekking with Pree Cha

The temperature will drop to 10°C in the mornings (though not every day). Although it is too cold for Thais, they enjoy visiting and enjoying this season. For those of you who are visiting from another country, I hope this temperature range makes you happy. Temperatures will rise to 20°C during the day, with temperatures reaching 30°C in the afternoon.

Notes: Where you stay in the jungle and high mountains, temperatures will drop a little more to 1-5 °C.

white temple chiang rai
Chiang Rai : The mist cover White Temple in the morning

Don’t expect the weather

Whenever you’re visiting, be sure to bring a lot of good sunscreen. The sun can be quite intense. But at least there is typically a lot of it to enjoy.

This season can vary from year to year. If you’re willing to put up with the risk of rain, you might be able to find some good deals during these times.

Even during the same season, the weather in each region of Thailand is different. You’ll need to understand the various temperatures in each zone and where you should go.

koh rok national park
Koh Rok : Sea Sun Sand in February

Which month will we visit?

For example, planning a trip for the best time should go to Thailand all year-round.

1. Eastern region [4 provinces including the islands]

Rayong ( * )
Koh Chang
Jan – May
* Pronounced “ra-yong”

2. Northern region and highlands

Chiang Mai
Chiang Rai
Mae Hong Son
Nov – Feb [ Cool ]
Jun – Oct [ Rainy ]
Rainy = Green Season
koh rok sunset at viewpoint
Koh Rok : Sunset at viewpoint

3. Two coasts in the southern region [including the islands].

Andaman Sea
Ranong ( * )
Khao Lak
Nov – May
Thailand Gulf Coast
Kho Tao
Hua Hin
Mar – Oct
* Pronounced “ra-nong”

Notes; * Thailand has two provinces with similar pronunciations: Rayong (ra-yong) on the east coast near Pattaya and Ranong (ra-nong) on the Andaman Coast above Phuket.

best time to chiang mai

On the Andaman Sea and west side (including the Andaman islands), this can start as early as November or December. The rains don’t end until late November. Although the rain begins in June and runs as late as October, when the temperatures begin to cool slightly.

On the Gulf Coast, the popular destinations of Samui, Phangan, and Koh Tao, this can start as early as June, although the rain begins in November and runs as late as May.

snorkeling at koh rok
Koh Rok : Snorkeling group around island

Why do they travel longer in the south?

Yes, it appears to be the same, but the weather in southern Thailand is quite different. There are only two seasons: dry and wet, which alternate between east and west coasts. The weather zone starts from part of Prachuap Khiri Khan Province and down to Malaysia.

The east coast is also known as the Gulf of Thailand. The dry season begins in June and ends in October, with the wet season beginning in November and ending in May.

The dry season in the Andaman Sea lasts from November to May, and the wet season lasts from June to October. That is why they take longer season and make the most of their time in southern Thailand.

nature trail doi inthanon
Chiang Mai : Mini trek in the rainforest, Doi Inthanon

From Mar-Sep, the daylight hours will be longer, resulting from the earth’s changing position with regard to the sun. Thailand has no snow but has some hail in some places when the weather changes between the cool and hot season during Mar-Apr. And there are green trees and blooming flowers all year round.

I wish you a happy and enjoyable holiday in Thailand, regardless of the season.

See you soon.
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