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Go to the seaside from Chiang Mai

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Based on my experienced 99% by the tourist on my handle when they finish the trip in Chiang Mai or Mae Hong Son. They will keep ahead to southern Thailand and stay on the golden beaches and exotic islands somewhere in Phuket, Krabi or Samui including small islands upon which seasons they travel.

You can transit flight here or start fly direct from Chiang Mai to your destinations. Most airlines operate daily flight and included transfer from airport with check thru service to islands.

Direct flight

Air Asia

2 years ago, they also have direct flight from Chiang Mai to Krabi, Phuket and more destinations.

I will update schedule flight later, now they join with Lion Air, Vietjet and Thai Smile. The flight will be 1 stop at Don Mueang and Suvarnabhumi in each airlines.

Bangkok Air

You can fly with Bangkok Airways in full service, please see the Route Map. ( Note : Bangkok Airways base on Suvarnabhumi Airport, you might be transit there when booking was full. )

nok air


Nok Air

The most popular destinations will operate by Nok Air and included check thru service to islands. Please see travel info Where We Fly.

Check out more

Please see a few to know the weather and when is the best time to go southern.

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mg car

By our services

Travel by car pass through a beautiful landscapes along the way, stopping for food, sightseeing and overnight stays. Some provinces where the place that tourists never been there before.

I’ve done this trip with a Swedish tourist as a family of 2 adults and 2 kids with lots of luggage in many years ago. He hired me to drive them down to the south and destination is Khao Lak. We planned to stay 2 nights and stop at the interesting places along the way.

According their schedule, he have to take the sleeping train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok and then connect the southern train to Surat Thani ( su-rat-ta-nee ). After that, take a minivan and drop off at A.Takuathung* ( ta-kua-tung) in Phang – Nga ( pang-nga ) Province where the hotel transfer service will pick them up there.

* A. = Amphur in Thai is mean District.

They had already taken the train from Ayutthaya to Chiang Mai. So they don’t want to take the train anymore and change the travel plans.

I had a minivan that I drove them around Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, and Mae Hong Son for 7 days. We were very familiar. He accept to extra pay for me to return Chiang Mai alone. Shall we go.

mao chiang mai to khoa lak

First night,

The total distance is approximately 1,500 kilometers, so we divide the distance into some 500 kilometers each. The first night we stayed at Nakhon Sawan ( na-kon-sa-wan ) nearby Paradise Park.

Today we have lunch by the river in Tak Province and we visit Kamphaeng Phet ( kam-pang-pet ) Historical Park in the afternoon.

Nakhon Sawan is the paradise of fish which many kind of fish and also many restaurant on the boat-raft by the river. We enjoy our diner here.

Second night,

We planned to find accommodation and a good dinner at restaurant in Hua Hin but they didn’t like it because of the crowd on weekend. So I drove another 1 hour to Prachuap Khiri Khan where we stay at a seaside hotel.

Cool, not many people. We walked to the local restaurant on the footpath. Fresh and delicious seafood with a cheap price. After meal, we also walk on the beach before go to bed.

For today, I use the Suphan Buri ( su-pan-bu-ree ) route. (We were not pass through Bangkok). The general view is plains of rice fields, so the children took the advantage to play a lot of games.

We visit at Sam Chuk Market 100 years, an ancient market, the wooden houses, traditional communities, and antique food.

koh rok national park

Last Day,

I’m enjoying a long journey like this. This morning we don’t want to leave Prachuap Khiri Khan ( pa-chuap-ki-ree-kan ) Province. The weather is good, the sky is clear and the sea is calm.

Today we will heading south to Chumphon ( chum-pon ) Province. Although we did not enter the city but there is restaurant that Thai people often have to stop on the highway. It’s a southern food style that kids probably won’t be able to eat. It is too spicy.

So I stop for lunch at Suan Nai Dam, which is an agro-tourism, plant, fruit, dessert, food and beverage. One is a highlight is amazing Thai toilet. It’s a famous bathroom that is the paradise and you want to stay longer.

Then, when reaching Lang Suan District, I turn right and take route #4006 ahead to the Andaman coast where connect the main route #4 to the south of Ranong ( ra-nong ) Province.

I drive along the Andaman coast for another 2 hours until reach the hotel in Khao Lak District.

koh rok trang


We don’t want to say goodbye. It was be the great journey together, we had a trip in Chiang Mai and move to south. It seems that the parents like it so much and they had many things interesting, many places to stop by and take a photo.

They will stay here for another 7 nights and the activities on the beach will help us recover from missing each other.

I have recommended places to eat around this area and including Phuket where they will have to stay 2 more nights and take a flight back home.

I used to live and work in Phuket since 1985 and many time later. I have a lot of friends and relatives here. We always come to visit here.

Back to Chiang Mai

OK, I’ve gotta go back to Chiang Mai and they gave me a cost for return home with a big tip. I planned to visit my friend in Phang – Nga for tonight and one more night at Rajburi ( rad bu-ree ) on the half-way back. I seldom to meet both of them.

I have a couple days to prepare for the next group. It’s fine. See you next trip.

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