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Go trekking in Mae Hong Son

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Mae Hong Son is a well-known destination with stunning scenery, making it perfect for hiking. Friendly hill tribes are always ready to welcome you.

I’ll drive you from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son using the route you choose, e.g. the route north 1095 via Pai or south via Mae Sariang Route 108.

Travel before and after can be flexible according to your schedule. You can add overnight stops before reaching your destination or after completing the trek.

Enjoy jungle cooking.

Check-in and meet the team

When we reach Mae Hong Son You, the trek team will meet you to discuss and check availability before going on the trek. Both can make closeness and build friendliness with each other.

We can coordinate trekking for you, provided by local travel agents and experienced guides with skilled teams.

along the creek
Mini adventure along the creek.

A sample itinerary

We will drive you in the Mae Hong Son loop and tour around the province has a mountainous range covered.

Day 1

You select the route, and we drive you to Mae Hong Son. We will visit the places along the way following the directions.

Day 2

Next day

taking photo
Taking photos from the viewpoint.

Recommended trekking program

You can choose a trekking program at recommendation.

  • 3 Trekking Routes Doi San Fah
    • It is a compact program and a famous activity of Mae Hong Son. It can be combined with your trip planner.
    • This route is suitable for families and beginners. See the beautiful scenery, overlooking the mountains and the city of Mae Hong Son from the Doi San Fah Viewpoint.
    • The trek seemed to be hard. But once you start walking for 20 minutes, you’ll be able to adjust. It can also extend the duration and distance of trekking to connect with many other routes.
    • The next day walks across a clear stream and shady nature. Swim and have a picnic by the creek that is an enjoyable activity. Get a walking experience in the jungle.
hua nam
Baan Hua Nam / Karen Village
ford family hut