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Hello Chiang Mai

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Chiang Mai is charming

A little bit about my Chiang Mai is a great place to start exploring the north and participate in activities like trekking, rafting, and hill tribe exploration. It’s a fantastic place to eat and stay.

I enjoy writing a travel blog about our region. Despite my limited English skills, I would like to present, and I never post anywhere.

About Yes, Chiang Mai

I’m gathering information about Chiang Mai’s past and present. Wait for them to be discovered, or risk missing out and becoming lost.

The stories are based on my personal experience. Read on to find out about the best things to do in Chiang Mai, including services provided by the locals.

Of course, if you intend to visit Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Mae Hong Son, and discover northern Thailand, please consider extending your choice to include our services if you require any type of transportation.

Chiang Mai Visas

Now it is easier than ever to visit, with visa-free entry for most people. Check out the country summary or look up your passport’s ranking to see how many countries you have visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to.

Summary of Countries and Territories Entitled to Visa Exemption and Visa on Arrival to Thailand by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

thai coin
The silver and brass versions of the 2 Baht coin are available.

Money in Chiang Mai (Thai currency)

  • The Thai currency unit is the Baht. (THB)
  • 1 Baht is composed of 100 Satang.
  • 100 Satang equals 1 Baht.
  • The coins have nominal units of 25 Satang, 50 Satang, 1 Baht, 2 Baht, 5 Baht, and 10 Baht.
  • The nominal units of the bank notes are 20, 50, 100, 500, and 1000 Baht bills.

nok air

How to get to Chiang Mai

  • International Airlines
    • Prior to 2020, Qatar Airways provided direct flights from Europe to Chiang Mai via Doha, which was extremely convenient.
    • I’ll keep you informed once we’ve returned to normal life and all airlines have returned to Chiang Mai. During our hardship, you can enter the main gate at Suvarnabhumi Airport.
  • Domestic Airlines

The Northern Bus Terminal will be located at Mo Chit, near the well-known Chatuchak Market. There is a bus service for both the company under the management of the government and the bus-sharing service under the concession of the private sector.

I recommend the Sombat Tour. It has both day and night buses, which are mostly night buses. You will need at least 10 hours of travel time.

If you’re staying in a tourist area like Khao San Road, look for a bus agency for Chiang Mai there. It’s only for tourists and is a sleeper bus at night.

The bus will depart from nearby and make a halfway stop where you can relax, use the restroom, smoke, or get a drink.

train seat
Class 2nd Train No. 9

An overnight sleeper train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai is a good idea. We recommend taking train No. 9 in a second-class sleeper cabin. The total journey time is about 13 hours.

You can get up from any station along the way, from Hua Lam Pon, Sam Sen, and Bang Sue to Don Muaeng. The lower seats fold out into beds, which allows us to relax and sleep overnight in the upper seats.

You can also bring any size package onto the train for no extra charge because there is space under the seats.

Viewing on the mountain road

From Germany, take a look at Comfort Plus of World Sight. I used to be a coworker with them. In the past, there was a direct flight to Chiang Mai. Now adjust the new travel list. Let’s try contacting them.

As if you’re starting from Denmark, I got a job from C&C Travel. You can find information on their website. “Oplev det uturistede Nordthailand” is a 17-day journey from north to south through Chiang Mai and the seaside of Khao Lak. You can be certain that you will have a successful day.

If you’re from France or Spain, please try contacting them through ETC Travel. They have departments that directly support these two countries. In Mae Hong Son, I worked as a support team member.

And there are another two agencies where you can also buy a full-board tour through the whole of Thailand as well. Go Beyond is worldwide in Asia and also has package tours in Chiang Mai. Asia DMC has experts in Southeast Asia. You can find out more about each country here.

Getting around Chiang Mai

There are various forms of public transport, including tuk-tuks and taxis of various colors. It depends on what style of travel you have. Are there any restrictions on the location of the accommodations?

Please visit my blog, How to get around Chiang Mai, which you can read more about when you have free time. I’ll return to revise if anything needs to be changed.

ping river

Weather in Chiang Mai

This is the first thing to consider before planning a trip. I want everyone to travel happily and according to the schedule. Please see more from my article if it’s necessary. It also includes information on the seasons and the best times to visit. Or you can find more information on your favorite weather website.

Where to go

  • Wat Phra That Doi Suthep
  • Doi Inthanon National Park

Food and Drink

It seems to be a topic where I have a lot of options. However, selecting was very difficult, and I spent a lot of time writing articles.

  • Northern food
  • International food

hotel santitham por building

Where to stay

Chiang Mai has a wide variety of accommodations to choose from, with different types and price ranges. I will try to update and select each zone that I think is good in my view and have to experience it by myself.

What to do

Of course, everyone has to go to the elephant camp. Whether you ride an elephant or not, all activities are business and seem like enjoying nature. Humans never stand still.

  • Adventure
    • ATV
    • Bungee Jump
    • Zipline
  • Elephant
  • Sport
    • Golf
    • Cycling
  • Massage
  • Spa
  • Shopping

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Our services

I created an alternative website for hiring a car with a driver and traveling in style for couples or small families. Meanwhile, I provide travel planning services for clients too.

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