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Hello Chiang Mai

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Welcome to Chiang Mai “The Rose of the North.”

This is your first post to getting know about my hometown. My articles have many varieties to talk about things that I love to do and let’s you join with us.

Chiang Mai is often used as a base from which to explore the North and do activities like trekking, rafting or exploring hill tribes.

It’s an excellent place to do eating, shopping, especially for local products and handicrafts which is famous.

I would to present the articles via this blog even I’m not good English. I never post on any media and it seem to be different others foreigner blogger.

How to get there

By Bus

By Plane

  • International flight and
  • Domestic flight

By Train

By Tour

When to go

  • High season
  • Mid season
  • Low season

Where to stay

  • Old city
  • Downtown
  • Outskirts

What to do

  • Adventure = ATV / Bungy Jump / Zipline
  • Sightseeing / Shopping / Sleeping
  • Touring / Travelling / Trekking
  • Sport = Golf / Cycling


Meanwhile I offer travel planning services for clients and private car rental with driver, in conjunction with my blog.

  • Sightseeing
  • Touring
  • Travelling
  • Trekking


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