hotels in the old city

Hotels in the old city

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For visitors who decide to stay in the old city. The accommodation comes in various styles, the price range is wide, and the desired location makes it difficult to choose.

Therefore, according to the facilities, I would like to present accommodation divided into different zones as a guideline, which is both lower and higher.

hotels old city
Chala Number 6

Phra Pok Klao 8 Alley

It’s called the heart of the old city. This alley is located opposite Wat Chedi Luang. It is easy to come and go comfortably. The corner of Alley 8 is where Chala Number 6 is located.

sabai chiang mai
Sabai Chiang Mai

Walk from Chedi Luang Temple to the entrance of the alley. On the right, next to Chala Number 6, is Sabai Chiang Mai, followed by Lapillo 8, Chala Number 2 Art and Gallery House, and Makka.

I don’t know how many Chalas they have. Regarding La Pillow 8, there is a small passageway that is exclusively accessible by motorbikes.

chala number 2
Chala Number 2

On the left-hand side are The 3 Sis, Early Bird Bed & Breakfast, Villa Thai Orchid, and Viang Luang Resort. I didn’t have a camera handy to capture it all.

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villa thai orchid
Villa Thai Orchid

Of all those hotels, I have never visited the rooms myself. You will need to rely on other information to make a decision. If you need a car service with a driver, you can email us at your convenience.

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Phra Pok Klao 8 Alley

When I discover other locations where getting it is not difficult or confusing. The lodging is clean, quiet, and pleasant to stay in. I will continue to write and update more.

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