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How to go to Thailand during outbreak

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  • Post last modified:January 13, 2022

Update news how to go to Thailand during outbreak for the travel lovers who never give it up.

The difficulty of traveling during today’s pandemic is probably no harder than traveling in the past. Let’s see how it goes. I have some information how to go to Thailand during outbreak. Please update news and links to travel guide before you go.

I don’t know how long these issues will be tracked and updated. It seems that it took a long time to be able to travel normally again.

However, you may find this information using the link below. Even if not anything has been up to date anymore.

nok air

What’s news

sunset kiew lom

Flight to Southeast Asia

Outbound flight to Southeast Asia from Europe zone you will fly to Thailand via Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Etihad Airways

Fly from Abu Dhabi to Bangkok with Etihad Airways

Flight schedules for Dubai to Bangkok with Emirates

bangkok air on board

Qatar Airways : Select your departure flight from Dubai to Bangkok

Qatar Airways have been flights to Chiang Mai directly from Doha in 2019. I’m hoping they’ll be back to fly as usual.

Example flight

Etihad Airways

Frankfurt 10:45Abu Dhabi 20:00
Abu Dhabi 21:45Bangkok 06:45


For the benefit of everyone, safety and hygiene concept provides that all travelers need a full corona vaccination or recovered status as a prerequisite for traveling. You can find more about this on our information page on the corona virus.

How hard on me

Most people are panic of infection. Because they are unsure of themselves and their health issues. And our government’s healthcare system is incompetent at all.

Covid-19 has hit up all hard. I have therefore moved and living with my family to save money while waiting to return to work. I’m a regular exerciser who maintains my fitness. I got 3rd vaccination.

Actually, I am unconcerned with these happenings. I’m not afraid of the coronavirus, and I’m prepared to leave this world at any moment. They will arrive one day.

Car Rental with Driver

I love to travel. Even though, there are hard times ahead than I expected. If you’re ready, I’m ready.

I am not currently residing in Chiang Mai. Please make an appointment in advance if you require our services.