make a call
Photo by Bicanski จาก Pixnio

Protect personal data

Thailand has many fake numbers to make a phone call you every day. It’s probably call from the scammers gang to talking with you about fake story to hack your data. Now it attacks all channels, whether it’s SMS, fake links and call directly.

That’s reason why telephone is not a popular to communicate. But if you need to make a phone call. Please send your number by SMS or email to let them know your information and save on the device both of us first.

When you call in, your profile will appear, they will pick to answer. Otherwise, they will not pick up the phone and maybe skip it away.

However, if you have contact by email in advance, it would be the best way. Or, if you have internet phone calls apps i.e. LINE, Facebook Messenger or they might be use Skype, WhatsApp and Telegram. They also chat and call online with you.

For me, I love to choosing contact by email and responding in every day.

Thank you for cooperate.