journeys with anantara

Journeys with Anantara

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Anantara lets you relax in the classic atmosphere of the Chiang Mai Oldies period and combines ancient buildings with modernity beautifully.

anantara chiang mai
Anantara Chiang Mai Resort

We came to Anantara in order to contact the admin to visit the potential for use in the conference, and it was outside of our schedule. Just see and look around, because the big boss will come on vacation here. So we took the opportunity to see and prepare information for a while.

But it made the team happy that I brought them here. They were amazed and impressed. Therefore, we contacted her to request an official visit and were warmly welcomed by Ms. Mali.

anantara first look
Welcome with an outdoor Chiang Mai dance and the mismatched yellow dog.
a big lobby
It’s better to look from here.

I used to be an infrequent visitor on a tour. The hotel started with its original name, The Chedi. It was originally used as the British embassy.

It’s incredible to find accommodation in such a great location near the major places and the surrounding area. You can explore the city on foot. and the key is by the Ping River in the best spot.

outside building
Outdoors Landscape
swimming pool
Swimming Pool

Ms. Mali took our team to look around, both inside and outside, at meeting rooms, restaurants, and facilities. The landscape focuses on transparency and comfort. The river view is wide-angle. Including the swimming pool that wishes to jump down immediately.

reception zone
Lobby and reception area.
welcome drink
Welcome drink and a cold towel.

Move to stay here

Our team decided to stay here for one night to simulate the meeting situation and consider it.

A relaxed and spacious room with a glass balcony overlooking the surrounding scenery. The floor plan of the building is L-shaped, so this place doesn’t feel uncomfortable.

inside room
The rooms are decorated with teak furniture.
view from balcony
The lighting at night would be romantic.

Okay, let’s work out hours for the team to consider using the service here. Pictures of other zones I haven’t taken, including a breakfast zone at Pho Thi Restaurant.

Booking Anantara on Klook

Great prices and earn Klook credits to save more.

suited services
Anantara Suited Services

ANANTARA Suited Services

In addition, Khun Mali also took us across the road to see the condo building. She offers 3-bedroom suites for a Thai team while working here.

swimming at the top
Swimming and flying.

The facilities can join the service at the resort. Just walk across the road to each other. This is a very good security system. The rooftop swimming pool is awesome.

We will wrap up the story and decide in two weeks at the latest. But believe me, the team will choose the annual meeting here. SURE!

meeting room
Meeting Room

For me, I’m happy to work anywhere and enjoy working. I’m waiting for you here, as shown in the picture below.

after well done
When work was finished, I sat here happily.


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