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Kao Mai Lanna

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Kao Mai, or the big tree in the Chiang Mai language, is an accommodation renovated from a tobacco factory into a boutique room. Creeping Fig: Vines are growing on the wall, covering the red bricks.

I enjoy coming here because of the lovely Lanna aroma and the ancient retro ambience.

kao mai building

The tobacco factories have been converted into lodgings and are bordered by wooden buildings and gardens.

It was quite popular 20 years ago, and other lodging has not expanded. I came here frequently and at least once a month, to taste local northern food at the restaurant in a wooden building.

Or I could take my niece swimming in the large pool. We purchased a one-night stay with breakfast at a discounted rate. It’s worth it to enjoy it over the weekend.

kao mai wooden store
kao mai garden

Stop for a while?

Although the location is roughly an hour southwest of Chiang Mai, it is well worth allocating a 1-2 night itinerary and a Doi Inthanon day trip. It will make traveling more convenient.

On a trip to Mae Hong Son Loop, I usually plan to stay and end the journey here, especially for customers who plan their private travel. Relax and realign your soul before returning to civilization by staying here after an adventure with nature.

cafe hall
take order
cafe rong bom

Add to a bucket list

If you travel from Chiang Mai to Doi Inthanon on a private tour, Café Rong Bom is open for coffee and wonderful treats. Tao Cha serves house-blended tea made from materials grown in their own garden. Do not miss out; just turn left a bit.

If you intend to stay here and travel to Mae Hong Son Loop with us, please contact us at the link below.

ford 32 coffee



Come out to eat

While staying here, I propose Salween Restaurant for one memorable meal, lunch or supper, which is about 5 kilometers away and a 10-minute drive away.

A variety of fish menus, good flavor, and a reasonable price. The service might be slow if we are coming at rush hour because the business is run by its own family, of which there may be quite a few.

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