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Khantoke Dinner

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Enjoy your moment in Chiang Mai and experience the traditional music and dance performances at the Khantoke Dinner, which showcases the region’s rich heritage.

Khantoke [K̄hạntok] is the traditional northern Thai (Lanna) form of dining. The food is served on a wooden pedestal tray called a khantoke. The diners sit on the floor around the Khantoke, supported by triangular cushions.

khan toke dance

Developed a performance of hill tribe shows performed by the Akha, Lahu, Lisu, Yao, Meo, and Karen hill tribes and music for Khantoke Dinner for tourists.

The dishes are all northern Thai delicacies. While guests enjoy the meal, there are usually performances of traditional northern Thai Lanna dances and music, such as the fingernail dance, sword dance, candle dance, ramwong dance, and fireworks displays.

Many years ago, Chiang Mai had a large performance center, and Khantoke Dinner was Khum Khantoke, which has closed down. Currently, only the Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center remains.

The small restaurants have had outstanding performances. They closed down as well, such as Huen Kha Chao.

As for the food, it will be Northern food that has been adjusted and selected to suit foreigners, such as Hang Lae (ฮังเล = Pork and Ginger Curry), Northern Thai Sausage [ไส้อั่ว = Sai Ua], Chilli Dips [น้ำพริกหนุ่ม], Nam Prik Ong (Pork Tomato Chili Dips), Boiled pork sausage [หมูยอ], Deep fried pork skins [แคบหมู] and sticky rice, which the taste may be lighter.

Drinking water, juice, and beer must be ordered and paid for separately from the package. The price is a bit cruel to me.

Note: If you can not eat spicy food, [Actually, it’s not spicy for Thai.] Please bring a small mike UHT box and sip a little milk on the tongue The spiciness will subside immediately.

If you’re traveling with a travel agent, Khantoke Dinner is usually included in a travel itinerary. If not, you can reserve online or make a phone call for yourself as an alternative.

Currently, only the Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center remains. It is not far from the old city area. Travel easily according to the map by tuk-tuk, taxi, and Grab.

Original/Vegetarian/Halal: 690 THB per person

Dinner and Showtime: 18:30–20:30 hrs. (Open nightly)

Only traditional performances (food excluded): 490 THB per person

Showtime: 19:00–20:30 hrs. (Open nightly)

Enjoy an evening of Welcome Khantoke Dinner. Indulge in the flavors and traditions of northern Thailand. Being treated to traditional music and dance performances.

Booking Khantoke on Klool

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Khantoke Dinner at Old Chiangmai Cultural Center, 14.02.23

Update: Khum Khantoke has opened again. You can visit their activities on Facebook and book online on the website.

khum toke door
khum toke floor

Khantoke Dinner and Traditional Dances

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