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Lanna Dusita

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Lanna Dusita Riverside Boutique Resort is the full name. On the banks of the Ping River and surrounded by gardens, this tranquil hotel is 5 kilometers from downtown. Asia’s Top Leisure Hotel Winner 2017–2018

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It’s one of my choices for elderly guests who can take care of themselves. Although the building has two floors, it has wide, safe stairs. It is also good for your health to exercise and use environmentally friendly Lanna styling.

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The garden is simple, not cluttered, and has clear weather. There is a fish pond in front to enjoy and a swimming pool inside near the Ping River. Makes the air circulate well.

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The location is slightly north of the city center. Although confused with the underpass. Google Maps will definitely lead you to the right place.

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Rooms & Suites

The hotel is divided into 2-storey building layouts, arranged alternately into 4 buildings, divided by gardens and ponds, which make the atmosphere open-air.

There are four types of rooms: Superior Room, Deluxe Room, Grand Deluxe River View, and Family Room. Choosing as you needed. More information can be found on the official website.

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Parking lot

There are 6–8 parking spaces in front of the road, most of which guests do not use by private car at all.

What’s nearby

You can easily start from here. If you are going to tourist attractions in the northern zone with many highlights in Mae Rim District, continue to Mae Taeng District and Chiang Dao. You may look for ideas on my blog.

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