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Mini adventure day trip

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This simple family adventure will add fun and excitement. We suggest a day trip if you do not currently have a plan or a family activity in Chiang Mai.

It can be used as part of a long-distance tour program or on leisure days. You may add or change the list of places you want to visit at your convenience on this route.

kid feed fish
Feeding fish


A sample trip

In the morning, choose excitement at Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai or enjoy a cute baby elephant at Mae Sa Elephant Camp, and if time permits, we can add visits to the tribal center.

elephant bathing
Elephant Bathing

Of course, the route must pass through Mai Heun 60, a coffee shop decorated with trees and a wonderful atmosphere, like in a dream. See the menu here.

Or will you wait for lunch and the coffee shop on board the retired Airbus A330-300 to create an Air Diamond Café & Hotel restaurant?

If you prefer an outdoor picnic atmosphere, we can prepare a picnic set to serve. Or you can cook it and bring it yourself. And we can stop by Mae Malai Market to buy food and additional seasonal fruits.

We just add a ground sheet or mat, sit under the shade of the trees at Bua Tong Sticky Waterfall, and enjoy a small adventure on a leisurely day.

For me, I’ll bring my favorite pocketbook to lie down and wait for you.

bua tong emerald
The emerald pond

Bua Tong Sticky Waterfall

Walk on a sticky waterfall

You’ve never seen a waterfall so sticky. Located around an hour and a half north of Chiang Mai, the Bua Tong Sticky Waterfall is an unusual and beautiful sight.

The cream-colored rocks of the waterfall have a hard sponge-like texture that grips easily to your feet. The adventurous can scale it quite easily. Whether or not you’re bold enough to dare the climb.

These falls in the lush, tropical forest are certainly worth a visit for their unique appearance.

Creamy-colored rocks

Bua Tong Sticky Waterfalls are peaceful, relaxing places with pristine forests, also known as the Sticky Waterfalls. What makes these falls unique is that the rocks are sticky and easy to climb.

The creamy white hue of the rock is due to the presence of limestone mineral deposits. The limestone coating on the rocks makes them “sticky” and easy to hold on to. It’s a fun experience to climb the sticky rocks up to the waterfall while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the forested mountains.

bua tong pond
A few small pools at the bottom

From the entrance at the top, it’s about a 150-meter walk down a pathway to the bottom of the falls. From there, climb up three levels back to the top while the water pours down rapidly around you.

There are a few small, natural-source pools at the base of the falls that are too shallow for swimming but are great for cooling off.

creamy rock
The Bua Tong Sticky Waterfall

There are ropes to hang onto in some of the most difficult places. There are only a few places with green plants that can be slippery.

The source of the water for the falls is a little pool at the top with sparkling, clean water. You can see a lot of the tropical jungle from here.

fam trip swim
The shallow pond for learning to swim

They also have a playground, toilet, and shop. A car parking lot is very comfy. Currently, I am not sure if they still allow entry free of charge or not. I will update you about the fees later.

bua tong toilet
Bathing and Toilet

What to bring

A basket of food and plates set for picnics, a hand towel or toilet paper, a Thai-style mat or ground sheet for sitting on the floor, and drinks with glasses unbreakable. (Alcoholics are not allowed to drink.)

Bring a swimsuit or a change of clothes and towels. A flip-flop with a good grip is available to wear in the water if you are going to climb the waterfalls.

bua tong view
The mountain view @ Bua Tong Waterfall

What time to visit

Every day and all year round. Just avoid being busy on long weekends and public Thai holidays. The water is warm and runs throughout from underground due to normal pressure streaming. So, we can enjoy swimming anytime, not just during the season.

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