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Noodles is my favorite dish

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One of my favorite dish for lunch time is all type of noodles. Especially, yellow noodles with duck or fish-ball. They’re quick to cook, hard to mess up and universally loved. You can find the shop on the way you are but might not the popular shop in local trend.

noodle with pork

Let’s go to eat

Here’s the basic restaurant guide to the types you are most likely to see when shopping or eating out.

It will be able to find regular along the way and might be have other types of food sold together as well. But I’d like to recommend a restaurant that specializes only in noodles.

So, I will take you to the small noodles shop, kiosks and cover street food. You will get the real taste and atmosphere of each restaurant’s identity as well.

o pa noodles
Noodles with fish ball in pink soup @ O Pa Chiang Mai

O Pa ( โอปา )

One of my favorite noodle shop on the main road to town. Pork noodles with / without clear soup. And recipe is homemade pork ball. The shop use flavorings good quality and look cleaning.

If you like noodles with some spices and a little bit of protein. Let’s try, its Thai fast food. This is a nice place to be and for a quick noodle at lunch.


fishball jea da

Fish Noodle Soup Jea Da

The location is not far from Royal Flora Chiang Mai. The best bowl of fish ball noodles, it might be one of the best in Chiang Mai.

The open air noodle shop on the left into town. No aircon so can get very warm but it’s good if you want quick tasty and Very quick service.

Fish balls made fresh every day, no MSG, clean and good quality. It’s delicious but slightly expensive for me and have to order 2 bowls.


Chicken Noodles with Chinese herb soup | Ros Savoey (รสเสวย)

One of my favorite lunch spots around Chiang Mai. The brown chicken is soft, tender and falls off the bone and melting in your mouth.

Soup was extraordinary, it’s served either with noodles or rice. Both are delicious and taste fantastic. I like boiled chicken wings. I always be a regular and order for take home.

The stewed chicken is Thai-Chinese food (Teochew vibe) but modified come in the clay pot (terra-cotta bowls with handles).


New branch next to Wat Suan Dok on the way to Chiang Mai University (CMU) backside.


Morning or lunch is better

If you love healthy and breakfast is priority. Noodles may not be able to satisfy you in the morning and might be difficult to find a noodles shop.

Most of them will be available for sale from 7.30 onwards. Most of us like to eat it for lunch. Although the weather is quite hot, but that’s a great taste.

Others reason, lunch breaks are short and people rush back to work. Noodles are an alternative that can be serve and turn customers in and out quickly. You’ve had enough and do not make sleepy heat of the afternoon.

In the evening, it might be the same difficult to find a noodles shop as well.

You will have to go to the night street food area, the gathering of restaurants, shopping / entertainment nightlife zone. You might find these shops when you come home late.


After noodles meal, I highly recommend drink hot tea if they are available. If not, regular drinking water (no ice) is better.

All about noodle

You also watch more about how many type of noodles and what we call them all. Enjoy!

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