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North Hill City Resort

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An excellent resort to give you relaxation with outdoor activities among nature and a location near Chiang Mai City, only a 20-minute drive.

I am not sure how hotels are rated, but I have decided to give this one a 5-star rating, even though my visit was only a few minutes long.

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It was great to be here

In February 2023, we made an appointment to visit and inspect the resort for a seminar group of 60 people in May.

I took the team to check in at the resort around 4 p.m. and have a chance to look around outside first. And then go to town, follow our plan, and have dinner in town.

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The next morning, Ms. Mo May (the sales manager) took us to visit all the locations and potential of the resort.

She is a smart girl and fluent in English. I admire her so much, and I hope this resort will be suitable for our group.

If you plan a trip to Chiang Mai, don’t miss out on adding North Hill City Resort as a perfect place to stay for your happy time. Please contact her using the details below.

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Our group is very satisfied with the inspection, but the number of rooms and the maximum size of the restaurant space did not fit our activities, and we would have kept it as one of our great selections.

So I took this opportunity to make a blog to give you an alternative.

Booking North Hill on Klook

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What are the special offers?

You can book directly online on the website. You will receive the best deal for a direct booking offer promotion for a Deluxe room with a special rate.

If you are traveling in a group or for a long-term stay, you can email inquiries on a case-by-case basis. They welcome it with great pleasure.

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Facilities and services

In addition, the residents can also use the facilities and services. Which I think is a lot, and I would like to stay here for a week, which is enough to cover. You will surely have a good holiday and fulfill your soul here.

  • Restaurants & Bars
    • Gioia Ristorante
    • Vivace Lounge
    • The Astro Sky Bar
    • The Rock Pool Bar
    • Black Biscuit Cafe & Bar
    • White Jungle Restaurant and Wine Bar

Note: Only topics have a link to the target due to Google SEO limitations. However, you can also visit the North Hill City Resort’s official website as well.

meeting room

I love the style of decoration, and the theme is mostly black and white. I have no photos of the rooms that I missed, and I hope to take new photos once again.

Get the direction

You can visit the North Hill City Resort’s official website and Facebook. The media of the background header is well done, with pictures of all the components of the resort.


In addition, you can enjoy playing golf, the clubhouse, and the facilities comfortably.

Go around

You can make a half-day excursion with lunch and shopping around the North Hill City Resort, for example:

  • Kad Farang Village
  • Ginger Farm
  • Wat Ton Kwen

For the restaurant suggested, please see our restaurant category. It might be interesting. I have a car service; please allow me to drive you around Chiang Mai.

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