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Retail oil prices

Retail oil prices in Thailand change all the time. Before planning a trip, you should calculate the fuel rate and the preliminary distance to make the journey smooth and the use of energy worthwhile.

A variety of oil

It may be the only country in the world with a wide variety of oils with a complex oil price structure. It isn’t very clear. It seems to be a solution to dissolve and bring down the oil price, but not at all. It’s stupid.

Indeed, we should have 2 types of oil that will be for the vehicle, benzine, and diesel which are good quality and reasonable price.

To keep the engine running at full efficiency and get more distance per liter than. I recommend filling premium grade both benzine and diesel.

Of course, it will preserve your engine. If you can avoid filling gasohol and I did like this.

Why is oil expensive?

I don’t know. Saying the truth so could go to jail. Many things in Thailand are obscure and cannot be told.

gas station
PT in Pai

How about gas stations?

Thailand has PTT that has no competitors. Several years before the branch expansion, they takeover Jiffy and added it to a 7-11 mini-store. I can’t remember the last time I used this station.

Bangchak where I used the widget is another brand of Thailand. There are not many on my directions.

Trending now, PT is taking over a small gas station on the outskirts of the city with a branch managed by the private sector and combined with gas LPG. If the big branch with the Max store will manage the business by itself.

I like Caltex, even though many branches are missing now. While refitting, returning to compete in the highly competitive area.

Shell Oil is good, but the price is higher than others. While selling premium grade but sales are not increased.

bor sang tuk tuk
Chiang Mai Tricycle Taxi

How to economical driving

Here are some techniques for driving in save and safe. You also find it in a manual car handbook. Remember, better oil burns better and can increase your fuel economy. Therefore, choose high-quality oil.

  • Drive at a constant speed
  • Keep your car free of unnecessary items
  • Regular car maintenance
  • Use the gear concerning the speed

Welcome again

While you’re surprised by an unlikely explanation during your travels, You will know you have arrived in Thailand truly.

There are a lot of things you (and me too) will never understand about Thailand.

We will do everything to assist you on your journey. On a case-by-case basis, we will provide an estimate for the most concise pricing.

ford in cr



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