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Ride or no riding elephant

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  • Post last modified:January 2, 2022

Once time, elephant riding was popular for tourists. It can be a huge income of the owner and elephant camp business’s. The value of the elephant is worth millions of baht. By the claim to promote occupation and conserve elephants, especially away from begging and roaming in the city.

In addition, the training elephants to perform various activities, even bathing show which we still do not know whether it is satisfied and prefer or not.

Later, the trendy started to change to do other activities without elephant riding. Feed them, touch them and simply enjoy being close to the elephants.

The tour teaches you about the lifestyle and behaviors of elephants while giving you an up-close and personal encounter with them. That’s package tour offer you.

Some resorts bring elephants and mahouts to feed nearby. Let the guests stay closer to increase the enjoyment. You’ll wash, brush and feed them, and (if you dare) you can even ride bareback. Creation a worth selling package.

I think, we still have work with elephant and use them as equipment anyway. Whether you ride them or not. Do they get enough food each day? You never know and nobody care. Just the way they are.

Today, the elephant are parts of tourism. I don’t mind if anyone want to riding or join any activities with them. Even they would be to preserve anyway.

I can drive you there. They must rely on the human that certainly could work better. And the human beings know how to control and make money from them in absolutely.

I think if we really love them, we should leave them in a forest where they live by naturally. They will not return to the urban area.

Whatever will be will be.

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