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Ride or no riding elephant

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Previously, elephant riding was popular with tourists. It can be a huge income for the owner and the elephant camp business.

The value of the elephant is worth millions of Thai baht by claiming to promote the occupation and conservation of elephants, particularly those who are begging and roaming the city.

In addition, elephants are being trained to perform various activities, including a bathing show, about which we are still unsure whether or not they are satisfied and prefer.

elephant riding
Elephant riding

Its popularity began to change.

Later, the trend started to change to do other activities without elephant riding. Feed them, touch them, and enjoy being close to the elephants.

The tour teaches you about the lifestyle and behaviors of elephants while giving you an up-close and personal encounter with them. That’s a package tour offer to you.

Some resorts bring elephants and mahouts to feed nearby. Let the guests stay closer to increase enjoyment. You’ll wash, brush, and feed them, and (if you dare) you can even ride bareback. Creation is a worthwhile package.

elephant bathing
Elephants bathing

What do you and I think?

I believe we will continue to work with elephants and use them as equipment. It doesn’t matter if you ride them or not. Do they get enough food each day? You never know, and nobody cares.

Today, the elephant is part of tourism. I don’t mind if anyone wants to ride or join in any activities with them. Even so, they would be preserved anyway.

I can drive you to all the elephant camps. They must rely on humans, and that certainly could work better. And human beings know how to control and make money from them in absolutely no way.

I think if we really love them, we should leave them in a forest where they can live naturally. They will not return to the urban area. But it doesn’t have enough natural space for them.

Where is the best?

There is no best place. It’s a tourism business. Each location has its own unique sales techniques and price conditions.

It depends on how satisfied you are. If you are happy, the elephant is happy.

Usually, I take the tourists to see shows at Mae Sa because I have a lot of experience. And it’s not far away from the city. If you like the countryside a bit further away, 1 day Mae Taeng Elephant Park and Clinic is interesting.


Elephants are social animals that live in large families. There is a level of stratification based on relationship and priority. Baby elephants are cared for and supported by their relatives.

Splitting elephants into smaller groups for private tours should not be encouraged.

Whether we use it to work, sit, or ride an elephant, this is its nature. Elephants are powerful animals, but they must eat a lot of food. It is considered work that comes from survival.

Food to eat will average 10% of body weight per day, or approximately 150–200 kg/day.

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