the best thai cooking course

The Best Thai Cooking Course

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Don’t just fall in love with Thai food if you haven’t learned to cook yet. You can easily look up or learn Thai cooking at your destination or even from your hotel.

Learning directly from the real thing is better than sitting and watching online. The feeling of touching was wonderful.

classroom the best thai cooking course

Take advantage of a local instructor

There are many lessons in teaching and learning. The majority of cooking classes are offered by local businesses. And the owner will be a teacher or demotrator themselves. Group and private lessons are available.

It would be better if you could find a local teacher who has the experience, complete kitchen equipment, and a nice classroom with a rural atmosphere.

table for everyone

The instructors will teach you the special recipe and the secret ingredient trick. How to adapt according to each country where Thai ingredients are sold. (if available.)

So, you will truly get to know the food culture of each region firsthand.


Suitable for all group sizes

I looked for a cooking school to prepare a course for a group of 60 people to use in a performance-enhancing activity.

I searched the internet, read reviews, and rode a motorcycle to observe myself around Chiang Mai. Until contacting “The Best Thai Cooking Course”.

enjoy with instructor

There may have been some confusion with the name keyword in the search for Cooking School on Google Maps. (It was fixed the problem.) However, you definitely won’t be disappointed if you choose to study Thai cooking here.


How nice it was

Experienced instructors with complete kitchen equipment. The place is spacious and comfortable. There is a vegetable garden where you can experience the real thing. Large fish ponds lined with coconut trees. It’s a paradise in the countryside.

the winner

Step by step

After you have already contacted to reserve. The instructor will pick you up from the hotel and take you to see and shop at the local market, then take you to the classroom.

Equipment and utensils are individually prepared in advance.


The instructor will explain food ingredients and methods and then demonstrate each menu to you.

You’ll start cooking your own food, step by step, with fun.

special dish

After finishing cooking, you get to taste and sit down to eat the food you cooked yourself. Yummy!

When you’re done, they’ll be sent back to your hotel. The cost of transportation is included.

Cooking Course Trailer

As for me, I had to request permission to take a short clip to present for you to watch how cooking was fun through YouTube below.

Thank you to everyone for inviting me to join the classroom. You might be able to choose some Thai food and know its background. I hope you can adapt your own cooking. There’s no fixed formula, trust me.

Special Thank

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Cooking with Thai delicious recipes and more exciting activities

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