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The hidden local restaurant in Chiang Mai

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There are many restaurants hidden in Chiang Mai. The flavors was original recipes that I’m really sure it might be never show on the social internet or not. Therefore, I wanna recommend these restaurants when you visit Chiang Mai.

Perhaps you’ll get the chance to stop on the way having lunch or dinner. Or, let me going to be your driver guide and go there. The direction and location are surrounding cover the town. You will enjoy when you get hungry.

Before starting our journey to reach the restaurants. You have a bit to know the type of local food first. This will increase the desire to try and make decisions according to your needs. So you can read from our blog below. Hopefully it will be able to overview easily by quickly.

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Pen Sri Restaurant

If you are not a local people or foodies fan club, you will not find this restaurant. Formerly Aunt Pen Sri’s restaurant located in the city nearby Chiang Mai Railway Station.

The customers should make a phone call to order in advance and arrive on time. Because the restaurant is a compact for only 4 tables.

I went to this restaurant again. But it has closed and moved to somewhere. So I called her and asked the way to new location. Luckily, the restaurant is on the way back home.

Here, she probably won’t move anywhere because this is her house. She renovated and decorate into a restaurant as well.

It is an a la carte Thai restaurant (cooked to order) that I recommended to taste a fresh flavors Thai food at the best price.

It’s still the same tasting even though the time has changed.

golden dish front

Golden Dish (ข้าวแกงจานทอง)

Curry and rice shop named “Golden Dish”, it mean the favorite dish and got a winner award. I often come over here and breakfast before go to work day. Sometime, order to take away for lunch.

How to order

If you come out to eat at curry and rice shop anywhere by your own, its the same food look like similar and how to order. Only payment gateway might be different to do. Some shop you have to pay early and service yourself if they are a quite busy shop. But normally, we order and then serve you at table. Just only something to do yourself.

For example : Get a drinking water or clear soup complimentary, spoon and folk and some chili sauce / paste with local vegetable seasonal (if it available.)


If nobody go with you please me know, we go together and see how to enjoy lifestyle and Thai local food at curry and rice shop. It’s my pleasure.

Enjoy to learn and watch Thai-English about curry and rice shop.

What would you like to eat?

There are a variety of food. I always order 2 kind of food, one is Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables and Chicken Green Curry topping on the streamed rice. Maybe extra with Stewed Eggs or Fried Eggs or Tofu soup.

If I order chili paste, I must be add Boiled Eggs. Basically, we do not eat spicy in the morning. The trick is order one flavorless and mix with spicy that make your meal smooth.

NOTES: Catfish, please beware fishbone ( Ask Thais about trick how to eat catfish with rice and how to fixed when stuck in neck, everyone can give you the answer. ) We do not go to restaurant when getting too much hungry.

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