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The hidden local restaurant in Chiang Mai

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There are many restaurants hidden in Chiang Mai. The flavors were unique, and I’m confident they’ll never be shared on social media. As a result, if you visit Chiang Mai, I would recommend these restaurants.

Perhaps you’ll be able to stop for lunch or dinner along the way. Let me be your driver guide and we’ll go there. When you get hungry, the shop is surrounded by its direction and location.

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You must first gain some knowledge of the local cuisine. This will increase your desire to make decisions based on your requirements. As a result, you can read our blog below. Hopefully, it will be able to provide a quick overview.

pen sri new location

Pen Sri Restaurant.

You will not find this restaurant unless you are a member of the local community or a foodie. Previously, Aunt Pen Sri’s restaurant was located near the Chiang Mai Railway Station in the city.

Customers should order ahead of time and arrive on time by making a phone call. Because there are only four tables in the restaurant, it is quite small.

I went to this restaurant again. However, it has since closed and relocated. So I called her and asked how to get to the new location. Luckily, the restaurant is on the way back home.

Here, she probably won’t move anywhere because this is her house. She renovated and decorate into a restaurant as well.

It’s an a la carte Thai restaurant (cooked to order) that I recommend if you want to sample some fresh Thai flavors at a reasonable price.

Even though the time has passed, the flavor is still the same.


golden dish front

Golden Dish (ข้าวแกงจานทอง)

“Golden Dish” is the name of a curry and rice shop that means “favorite dish” and has won an award. I frequently come here for breakfast before going to work. Order takeout for lunch on occasion.

How to order

If you go out on your own to eat at a curry and rice shop, the food will look similar and the ordering process will be similar. Only the payment gateway may be different. If a store is particularly busy, you may have to pay ahead of time and serve yourself.

Normally, we order and then serve you at table. It’s just something you can do for yourself i.e. get a drinking water or clear soup complimentary, spoon and folk and some chili sauce / paste with local vegetable seasonal (if it available.)


If no one else wants to join you, let me know and we’ll go together to see how to enjoy Thai culture and food at a curry and rice shop. It’s my pleasure.

Enjoy learning Thai-English about a curry and rice shop and watching Thai-English videos about it.

What would you like to eat?

There is a variety of food. I always order two types of food, the first of which is Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables with Chicken Green Curry on Streamed Rice. Stewed eggs, fried eggs, or tofu soup could be added as an extra.

If I order chili paste, I have to order Boiled Eggs as well. In general, we don’t eat spicy foods first thing in the morning. The trick is to order one that is flavorless and combine it with one that is spicy to make your meal go smoothly.

WARNING: If you’re eat a catfish, watch out for fishbones. And if it happened on you. You may ask Thais how to eat catfish with rice or how to fix a knot in your neck, they’ll all know.

When we get too hungry, we don’t go to a restaurant.

chicken rice

Khao Man Gai (ข้าวมันไก่) Hainanese Chicken Rice

Hainan is a Chinese island that is located in the south of China and north of Vietnam. Chicken rice has been a popular dish in Thailand for a long time.

I can’t remember how long this restaurant has been open. He moved the shop several times, probably 2-3 times. The first shop is probably near the superhighway and has relocated to opposite the train station.

They had been here for quite a long time before coming to this building today. This new shop is quite clean. Renovate to look simple. The parking lot is quite crowded because it is in the business area.

Every time I come, there will be quite a long wait. Familiarity can’t help each other. We have to follow the queue because deliciousness requires patience.

The reason for the slow service. It was because he chopped the chicken and cooked it alone. The staff will do what he orders. He has a good memory and the ability to sort orders by speaking at the same time. It’s awesome.

the owner hainanese

What would you order?

You can order minced chicken over rice, which will be priced according to the size. Or order the minced chicken separately. The price is determined by the quantity. Then order the rice as a dish. Suitable for people who eat a lot or order more for sharing in a Thai-style group.

You can also add special commands like “no chicken skin” or “no offal”, which most foreigners do not like to eat.

Khao Man Kai has a little cucumber and coriander on the side. It is served with chicken dipping sauce, which is another one that makes the food delicious. And chicken bone broth with Thai pumpkin makes your eating smooth.


Recommended tips

  • Go in for another 200 m. to find a parking space and walk back to the shop.
  • Sometimes I ride a motorcycle, which is a good option.
  • Come around 7 o’clock in the morning, sit and wait for the first order.
  • Avoid rush hour, as it is so crowded at noon.
  • Order a special size because it will be very difficult to re-order again.
  • Self-service everything makes the situation smooth.

Enjoy your meal!

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