small restaurant in chiang mai

The hidden local restaurant in Chiang Mai

There are many restaurants hidden in Chiang Mai. The flavors was original recipes that I’m really sure it never show on the social internet. Therefore, I wanna recommend these restaurants when you visit Chiang Mai.

Perhaps you’ll get the chance to stop on the way having lunch or dinner. Or let me going to be your driver guide and go there. The direction and location are surrounding cover the town. You will enjoy when you get hungry.

noodle with pork
Noodles with Pork in Gravy Sauce (Rad-Na)


One of my favorite dish for lunch time is all type of noodles. Especially, yellow noodles with duck or fish-ball. They’re quick to cook, hard to mess up and universally loved. You can find the shop on the way you are but might not the popular shop in local trend. Here’s the basic restaurant guide to the types you are most likely to see when shopping or eating out.

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