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Transfer to Mae Hong Son 108

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A major highway number 108 is the route transfer to Mae Hong Son. It takes about 8 hours via Mae Sariang to the south of Mae Hong Son. The winding road and beautiful scenery through tourist attractions can be stopped along the longest route.

Once, it was a popular route and must be on the itinerary for Mae Hong Son. Mostly, the travel agency offers attractions to visit along the way if you choose to travel by car. Because Highway 108 is the longest road in 3 directions to get there.

Travel overview

Section 1: Chiang Mai to Mae Sariang takes about 3–4 hours, the distance being 200 kilometers.

The sights to explore, such as Ob Luang National Park, featuring a canyon and a short path for an hour of excitement. Take a walk and relax under the pine trees, at Bo Keaw Garden.

You will have a lunch break at Mae Sariang District. It is a very nice town and has a famous and oldest restaurant, Inthira Restaurant. And it would be great to stay a night in a quiet and less tourist town.

Lunch in Mae Sariang

Section 2: It takes another 3–4 hours from Mae Sariang to Mae Hong Son.

In the afternoon, we have time enough to visit Tham Kaew Cave or Nong Heng Hot Spring along the way. If you arranged and planned on traveling, We will arrive at 5 p.m. and drop you off at your destination.

Between section 2 from Mae Sariang to Mae Hong Son, there were 2 ranges of most curves. You might be dizzy and have a delayed arrival time. We just drive slowly. Currently, overall, the road is maintained.


Let’s plan some of your favorite sights to see en route to a popular spot where we frequently stop.

  • Ob Luang National Park
  • Bo Kaew Pine Tree
  • Tham Kaew Cave
  • Nong Heng Hot Spring

Quick facts

This trip used to be an alternative to going to Mae Hong Son. It was caused by a lack of flights and out-of-schedule travel programs.

It can also be used with regular tourists, and it is a viable option for creating travel agency programs today. A popular one for them is Transfer to Mae Hong Son 1095 via Pai.

The distance is the longest road of the 3 directions to Mae Hong Son, and the driver may not return to Chiang Mai on the same day.

If you intend to return to Chiang Mai or continue your journey to Mae Hong Son, please consider extending your choice to include our services.


7 Hours6,000
(One way*)

The price shown above is based on a drop-off hotel in town and is intended as a guide only. Rates are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

  • Included:
    • Car
    • Driver
    • Petrol

Trip Sample

  • Pick up at the hotel or your location.
  • Take a break between each section.
  • Stop for a while with coffee or lunch.
  • Visit attractions on the way.
  • Arrive and drop off your destination.

Hotels Recommended

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