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Transfer to Pai

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The small town of Pai is nestled in a valley in the province of Mae Hong Son to the northwest of Chiang Mai. It takes about 3 hours to drive directly on Highway 1095.

I frequently drive to Mae Hong Son and enjoy this mountain road. The roads have too many sharp curves, twists, and turns that are well-known.

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On the roadside, there are some interesting sights to see. It is possible to stop for a while, if you prefer. It’s just that only private cars can do that.

If you need to go to Pai directly by private transport, please make your plans and book an appointment for our services to go along with you.


To get to Pai, a private car is the best option. You won’t get car sick. Our driver has extensive experience and skill on the road, which passes through high mountains and steep terrain.

We’ll drive as smoothly as possible, despite the road having many curves and frequent direction changes, and the mountains having many twists and turns. Please kindly contact us.

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Coffee & Foodies

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If you intend to return to Chiang Mai or continue your journey to Mae Hong Son, please consider extending your choice to include our services.

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3 Hours3,500
(One way*)

The above price is based on a drop-off hotel in town and is intended as a guide only. Rates are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

  • Included:
    • Car
    • Driver
    • Petrol

Trip Sample

  • Pick-up from the hotel or your location.
  • Take a break between each section.
  • Stop for a while with coffee or lunch.
  • Visit attractions on the way.
  • Arrive and drop off your destination.

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