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In Thailand, trekking is a well-liked activity, especially in the north, where the landscape is varied, beautiful, and home to a variety of hill tribes.

Although the current civilization has changed, we must travel more distances to find pure nature in the remote countryside which remains not much.

As a result, it isn’t easy to find a hiking area in Chiang Mai. Many tour companies combine other highlights to increase the duration and profitability.

We will try to find and update more hiking routes, and contact a tour business or a specialist trekking guide who still loves trekking present.

trek with koon
Uncle Sook and Koon trek around The Tree House in Chiang Dao.

Chiang Mai

Mae Taeng District is the closest and most popular trekking area. It is located north of the city, which is a multi-tribal community area and is close to various attractions.

Mae Wang District is located in the south of the city. And it seems to be a good hiking trail because it is next to Doi Inthanon. But I couldn’t find the most popular trek. Most of them go for half-day trekking on Doi Inthanon.

Chiang Dao District is another interesting area. Doi Chiang Dao is a majestic high mountain, surrounded by trekking routes for local tours. The trekking route is a day trip with many routes. unable to walk continuously. You have to go back to starting at base camp or homestay.

Walking up to the top of Doi Chiang Dao is popular for Thai people. It is managed by the National Park and is limited to the number of people. It will be allowed only once in the period from November to February. In our opinion, they’re still far from Mount Kinabalu management.

Since Chiang Mai has urban areas and roads that hinder the natural route, we haven’t seen any long distances that we can continue to walk for more than three days.

Mae Hong Son

Muang District

That is the area where I go hiking the most and was known in the Lonely Planet guidebook in the past. Kids can enjoy it as well, and there are little adventures.

The distances range from a half-day to a full day, two days, and three days. It can be customized according to requirements. You will find the freshness of natural streams and creeks. The waterfall is hidden in the forest.

It was possible to picnic and camp in the jungle even though we had a homestay in the village.

On the steep path or in the lowlands of the valley are cultivated fields of various tribes, all of which are still fresh and beautiful, although we have to pay for a long journey.

Pai District

The majority of them will compete to sell white water rafting tours to tourists. And there are also day trips that have to leave at 4 a.m. that are popular for Thai people to go to Rak Thai Village.

There are some hiking trails near the city within 1 day, but not much interest and most of them will take you to start trekking at Soppong.

Pang Mapha District

Or Soppong, as it is known to pioneer travelers. It is a land of many caves. It is about 1 hour north of Pai District. There is a path to walk to each village within 1-2 days through agricultural farms. and strange limestone mountains.

The further walking path is on the border of Burma. We are unable to attend due to the fighting situation. Some tour companies take you to sleep in small villages and walk to visit some caves that are possible.

Chiang Rai

Surprisingly, I often have to answer the question of whether Chiang Rai has a trekking program or not. It doesn’t have many routes. Most of them are short-term programs, 1-2 days.

Because tourism has not yet developed among different tribes, the development of agricultural areas is given priority, replacing the forests destroyed by opium production. In addition, drug trafficking routes are a barrier to trekking.


Some routes might have a somewhat touristy destination. But when you walk down the path for a while, you will feel more relaxed and closer to nature.

The waterfalls or maybe steep along the ridge, beautiful scenery, and the simple way of life of the villagers to see according to the general trekking program.

You’ll find a special offered in the tourist area. One day or two days and one night, which both have hidden additional highlights, are short-distance routes. Whether it’s a butterfly farm or an elephant camp.