What types of cars should you hire

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I have a variety types of cars. You can choose by your travel style, such as day trips or tours, as well as your group, which could be a couple, family, or friends. We can provide you with a rental car and driver to help you get around Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand.

You can rent it on a daily basis, excluding petrol during business hours of 8 hours per day. The specifics are as follows.

General Information

  • Prices and capacities vary depending on the type of vehicle.
  • 3 days is the minimum rental period.
  • Regular service hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Extra hours are charged at a rate of 300 THB per hour.
  • Overtime is charged at a rate of 200 THB per hour for the driver.
  • An additional 500 THB per night for the driver’s hotel if staying outside of Chiang Mai.
  • Thai law prohibits the consumption of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products while traveling.

Types of cars


3 passengers or a group of adults and children.



1,200 THB / Day

With Driver / Excluded Petrol


3 passengers or a group of adults and children.



1,700 THB / Day

With Driver / Excluded Petrol


3 passengers or a group of adults and children.

id ford


1,700 THB / Day

With Driver / Excluded Petrol


8 passengers and suitcase.

id van


2,200 THB / Day

With Driver / Excluded Petrol

The price is subject to change without prior notice.


  1. Fees for Fuels, expressways, and parking.
  2. Entrance fees, excursion tickets, and meals.

It would be preferable if the price included gasoline. Please provide me with your exact itinerary.

How to refill petrol

  • Begin the rental period with a full tank of petrol.
  • You refill the petrol as needed while traveling.
  • When you return, fill up the tank with petrol.

As is customary, you are responsible for the cost of gasoline. Please specify on your booking if you prefer a price that includes gasoline when you know all of your destinations are complete.

Semi-SUV with a wagon

type wish side
Toyota Wish

My personal vehicle is a Toyota Wish, which is a semi-SUV with a wagon that I adore and use as a family vehicle. I only drive for our clients and special family groups on tours.

This is the mid-size car that everyone will adore and amazing. I felt fantastic the first time driven. Driving performance is excellent. Despite the fact that the car is 15 years old, it is rarely driven and is always maintained on time.

This car model was once considered very expensive and luxurious. When compared to other Toyota models, it’s a fantastic vehicle, it made in Japan and imported into Thailand.

type wish
Smart and safety

How good is it

Throughout the journey, both the driver and the passenger will be comfy. Individual seats can be adjusted and returned upright at your leisure. Children’s seats are available in the back row for day trips or as luggage flippers while we tour.

type wish inside
Comfort seat

Inside, there is useful functionality, as well as well-designed materials and equipment. So, I enjoy driving it, and the suspension system parts, in particular, are excellent. The stability is unique among Toyota models. It gives me the confidence to drive.

Adjust to carry luggage

Another feature that I enjoy is the automatic temperature control for the air conditioner and heater. We’re fine no matter what the weather is like outside.

I was driven to Pai, where the temperature was 8°C on the ground at the time. During the journey, the heater will automatically adjust to a temperature of 25°C. Great!

As a result, traveling is very comfy. If we are traveling long distances, you will have a good time and will not be tired. Come to try it and let’s go together.

I hope you have a choice and that our services can soon assist you on your journey.

Whatever works for you