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What types of cars should you hire

In Thailand, all kinds of cars available for your chosen. But will you be able to drive on non-standard roads? The road is narrow and no parking space enough in Chiang Mai city. That seems challenging and truth.

I have a variety types of cars. It depends on your travel style such as day trip or touring and upon your group may a couple, family or traveling with friends. We provide hire car with driver to support your journey around Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand.

type wish side
Toyota Wish

For my personal car is Toyota Wish, it is a Semi-SUV mixed with Wagon which I like it so much and use as a family car. Although the car is 15 years old but it is seldom drive it and always maintenance on time as well. I only drive for our clients and touring with a special family groups.

The mid-size car that everyone will love and feel wonder about this car. I feel wonderful at the first time too. Once, this car model was considered very expensive and luxury in Thailand. The performance is very good driving. It’s amazing car if you compared to other Toyota models. Oh Yes, it made in Japan and import here.

type wish
Smart and safety

How good is it

Both the driver and passenger will comfortable throughout the journey. The individual seat can be able adjust and return upright upon your convenience. Children seat available in the back row for day trip or flipping the seat for luggage while we go on touring.

type wish inside
Comfort seat

Inside has functionality useful, materials and equipment are well designed. So, I love to drive it and specially the suspension system parts is very well. The stability different from other Toyota models. It’s make me confident to drive.

Adjust to carry luggage

And another one that I like it so much is the air condition and heater automatic the temperature we need. We feel fine whatever all weather outside. I have been drove to Pai which at that moment the temperature 8°C on the ground. The heater automatic adjust inside 25°C during the trip. Great!

As a result, it’s comfortable to traveling. You will enjoy and would not tired if we are traveling a long distances. Well, I wanna let you try it. And if it’s not, we will have other car models can also be serviced upon you need them.

Types of cars and cost


For 3 passengers or mixed adults and children



1,200 THB / Day

With Driver / Excluded Petrol


For 3 passengers or mixed adults and children



1,700 THB / Day

With Driver / Excluded Petrol


For 3 passengers or mixed adults and children

id ford


1,700 THB / Day

With Driver / Excluded Petrol


For 8 passengers maximum

id van


2,200 THB / Day

With Driver / Excluded Petrol

For multiple day and stay overnight outside Chiang Mai please consider accommodation for driver 500 THB per night. We really appreciate.

Those are varieties of cars which suitable for your travelling style and discover to be independent create your own trip. I hope you have a reason to choose that and our services can being support your journey soon.

Whatever works for you