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Chiang Mai is a shopping paradise. There are varieties of products along the way, so get a twinkle in your eye. You will not have to plan anything. There is just one Sunday walking street available once a week, so you have to plan during that time.

shopping hill tribe products
Handmade cotton women dress with local texture.

Factory Zone

On the road leading to San Kamphaeng District, there is still a product factory in Chiang Mai. It used to be one of the most popular shopping destinations in the area. Leather, Silverware, Lacquerware, Jade, Diamonds, and Silk are examples of products where you can learn how to make and observe the process.

The route will reach and end at the umbrella-making village of Bor Sang. Paint your own and make hand-made paper umbrellas. Or watch the whole process of making and how to beautifully paint each product. It truly is a local culture worth preserving.

shopping umbrella
Bor Sang Umbrella Making Centre

Not very far from downtown Chiang Mai, the factory lists shown below;

  • Chiang Mai Silverware
  • Baan Celadon
  • S.K. Leather
  • P.Collection Jewelry Store
  • Thai Silk Village
  • Gems Gallery
  • Shinawatra Trading Thai Silk
  • Louis’ Silverware Gold Shop
  • Saa Paper and Umbrella Handicraft Center
  • Umbrella Making Centre

And beyond Bor Sang, to see 2 more places are Siam Celadon and MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum. Arts and crafts flourish in the northern kingdom of Chiang Mai.

For the wood carvings, the zone where they are made and sold is Baan Tawai village. It is located on the west side of the city. This business is currently very sluggish.

shopping promenada
Promenada Chiang Mai

Super Store

Some people say that Chiang Mai has everything like Bangkok. But Bangkok does not have mountains like Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai is the city that has a variety of shopping malls. Some department stores have more than 2 branches. Depending on your lifestyle, you can choose between small, medium, and large sizes. And covering every inch of the area where you stayed.

A few local people know that there used to be an Auchan department store, the modern trade business from France. It had been in Chiang Mai and had the only branch in Thailand. They constructed a tunnel under the highway to reach the mall. Now, it still works well and has changed its name to Big C Supercenter Don Chan Chiang Mai.

There are numerous shopping options, including Central Festival, Promenada, Big C, Tesco Lotus, Makro, Index Living Mall, and others. But I like this one, Rim Ping Supermarket. The various consumer products that are only intended for use at home. It is convenient to drive in and get a car from the parking area. You will not be crushed and pressed in comparison to other stores. Although there is a slight difference in price.

shopping central
shopping baan kang wat inside
Baan Kang Wat

Modern Zone

Alongside Nimman Haemin Road and the nearby entertainment zone, you’ll find the most recent fashion and a popular trend. It is a gathering place for the younger generation and tourists.

The shop sold ideas for home decoration, fashion clothes, fusion food and beverages, the boutique hostels, Maya department stores, and more hotels around the corner at the intersection.

They also have a charming little artist village hidden near Chiang Mai University, as well as a small unique plaza.

shopping kad luang
Kad Luang

Local Market

The highlight is the Sunday walking street. It is a collection of general products in Chiang Mai to be sold here.
Of course, it also has street food regularly. The shopping trend has changed and replaced the Night Bazaar, where we once had to gather there at night. We will not feel the atmosphere of the old days anymore.

If you missed Sunday’s walking street, don’t worry. We also have a Saturday walking street on Wua Lai Road. It is located on the other side of the old city.

Another one to target is Kad Luang or Kad Warorot, which sells local produce, fruits, and flowers. Even if you do not wish to shop, you can still come to see and take photos.

More markets, such as the Chang Puak Gate and Chiang Mai Gate, are located to the north and south of the city walls. There is plenty of food to eat there. Just to know when it’s open, in the morning or evening (both of them), mark the direction to go. And of course, what would you like to eat? Please remember that there is no parking available.

shopping local market
Local Market

Aha! Chiang Mai is also a foodie paradise.

Usually I don’t like shopping, but I’m happy to take you there. I often used to drive the tourists to go shopping around Bor Sang zone 1 or 2 places and then find a nice restaurant for lunch before going to San Kham Phaeng Hot Spring. That’s the better.

Please keep your travel plans in mind while you’re out shopping, because you’ll carry them on for the remainder of your journey.

By the way, please check the import of goods from your country on the way back as well. My friend from Australia told me, there are some products that cannot be brought back to the country.

Let’s enjoy shopping day!

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