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1 day Wat Phra Bat Sutthawat

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Excursion One-day trip from Chiang Mai to visit Wat Phra Bat Sutthawat (Wạd Phra Bāth S̄uth Thā Wās̄). The white pagodas in the sky are built on the tips of giant cliffs. The most breathtaking temple and an unrivaled location are a must-see.

The unique temple is one of Lampang’s most valuable secrets, and the general public has only recently discovered it. The beautiful landscape will be waiting for you.

wat phra bat sutthawat pagodas
The white pagodas are built on the tips of giant cliffs

What is the real name?

Also known by the names Wat Phra Bat Pu Pha Dang, and Wat Doi Pu Yak, they will try to rename and establish Wat Chaloem Phra Kiat Phrachomklao Rachanusorn. It’s probably not good that the Thai language has so many repetitive words.

Wat = Temple / Doi = Mountain

wat phra bat sutthawat pavilion
Overlook from the Golden Pagoda. (Left)

You will find the word Wat Chaloem Phra Kiat a lot. It may be confusing and go missing direction. You may have to add the words “Phrachomklao Rachanuson” or “Lampang” in the search to reach here.

wat phra bat sutthawat mountain view
Overlook from the Golden Pagoda. (Right)

How to get there

Located in the east of Chiang Mai and Chae Hom District of Lampang. Easy drive to Lampang on Route 11 and then go north on Route 1035, it is estimated 160 and drive 2.30 hours. (I usually drive for 3 hours.)

When arriving in Lampang, also drive on Route 1157 and then continue to 1035.

Pin on Google Maps

The pin is now duplicated on Google Maps with several similar titles. I’ve already tried to submit an edit request as google guide level 8. Please check the pin before traveling as follows.

  1. The main temple and parking zone
  2. Shrine and holy place.
  3. Behind the temple.
    • Wat Chaloem Phra Kiat Phrachomklao Rachanusorn : วัดเฉลิมพระเกียรติ พระจอมเกล้า ราชานุสรณ์ (Sky Pagoda : เจดีย์ลอยฟ้า ยอดดอยพระบาท)
    • https://goo.gl/maps/Ffctzim9uRwvKEwEA
  4. The top level.
    • Wat Chaloem Phrakiat: Temple of the Floating Pagodas, Lampang Province วัดเฉลิมพระเกียรติ (วัดพระพุทธบาทสุทธาวาส) ลำปาง
    • https://goo.gl/maps/m57oT93dv3enLxQYA

Recommend Direction

Pin it at Hug​ Cafe​’: the temple’s coffee shop next to the parking lot and ticket office. You will drive and park there absolutely.

cost of admission
Update July 2023

Admission Fee

  • Adult 490 THB, Child 280 THB.
  • Update: July 9th, 2023

Get started to walk

Buy the ticket and get up the pickup truck service, ride for 5 minutes with bumpy, it just swings a lot. They will drop you off at the second level. (Base Camp)

distance 540
540 meters
distance 840
840 meters

Then you have to walk up steep stairs, The 2 sign shows you different distances of 540 meters and 840 meters. I have no idea, let’s look into that.

map trail
My map (no scale)

Enjoy a sweaty trek up the hillside from 2nd level to the top. The duration is about 30 minutes (my time).

pickup truck
Pickup truck transfer from 1st to 2nd level is provided.

Watch the bird’s eyes view shots from YouTube channels. It’s better that we can’t fly.

When to visit?

Jun-Jul, it might be rainy and partly cloudy.
Aug-Sep, full of greenfield and rice paddy.
Oct-Dec, get a little cold and blue sky.
Jan-Feb, it might be foggy and hazy.
Mar-May, do nothing.

I prefer July-August extremely, it’s fresh air and you can see the green rice fields. Even there is a risk of rain and cloudy days. But the blue sky and the ground will be very contrast.

Sample itinerary

We will pick you up from your hotel. Take a quick break along the way, and arrive at Wat Phra Bat Sutthawat around 10 a.m. / Start to walk and spend your free time at the temple complex.

Lunch at Chef Pree Cha restaurant and free time. / Hit the road back to Chiang Mai. In the evening, arrive at your hotel.

ford in cr



3,500 THB
Driver & Petrol

Latest my journey, July 2023

The sun was shining yesterday. So, I planned to take pictures from other angles hopefully. But after leaving for a while the weather is getting cloudy. Even it’s good that we don’t get too hot. I expect that will not get the beautiful pictures as usual.

I travel on a small motorcycle and hit on the route passing Mae Kampong Village. [Tourist attractions for self-portraits are popular among Thai people.]

baan pa miang
Stop for a while at Baan Pa Miang.

The road is quite narrow and steep, past Kew Fin, it is a viewpoint boundary between provinces. You have to buy a ticket and, and a short walk. I don’t have to stop by.

Then it’s a downhill route through coffee plantations and across a creek to Baan Pa Miang, located in Lampang Province.

Baan Pa Miang, there are many homestays to provide. The atmosphere is more natural and not too touristy.

rural road
The rural road shortcut to the temple.

I continued towards Muang Pan District where I could see the temple located on the mountain. I found a new rural road shortcut and not shown on google maps.

parking lot
Motocycle Parking Lot

Arrive at the temple around 10.30 a.m. There is a parking lot for motorcycles. But the sign is shown in Thai only.

Look around the area, the shops are unusually quiet on Sundays.

ticket boot
Left: Ticket Boot / Right: Hug Doi Cafe

We paid a total of 120 THB for the Thai rates. But for foreigners, the price is 490 THB, which is very cruel.

The price includes an entrance fee to the Wildlife Sanctuary area, which is limestone and has no wildlife. I saw only one bird.

I’m not impressed with the fees and service. Although I still appreciate the effort to build a pagoda and stunning scenery. I will continue to update and just want to get a beautiful picture once.

Hot coffee with a good view.
iron bridge
Be patient with yourself.

I get up a pickup truck with a group of Thai people who chat loudly along the way. So I stop for coffee to see the view of Muang Pan District at Level 2nd to avoid a big noise and leave them to walk ahead.

The first footpath section along the road is on one side of the mountain. Then up the stairs to the mountain, the stairs are good.

iron bridge
Iron Bridge

You can stop along the way, there are 3 rest areas. While you walk on the iron bridge, that is halfway remaining. Upon reaching the top, there are 2 viewing points.

wat phra bat sutthawat pavilion
Turn left to the pavilion.
wat phra bat sutthawat golden pagoda view
Turn right to the Golden Pagoda.

1 turn left to the pavilion, and see the small white pagodas scattered atop peaks and upon precipices.

2 turn right to the Golden Pagoda, one of the country’s most glorious viewing points.

pree cha
Chef Pree Cha restaurant.
fried rice
Fried rice with pork and egg.

Once finished, I walk down to the base camp and get up the shuttle bus to the parking level. Go ahead to Chef Pree Cha restaurant for lunch.

I won’t regret coming here, and my long journey will pay off.

Then I made my way back to Chiang Mai through Chae Son National Park (I didn’t stop by) on Route 1252 via Kingkong Smile Zipline, turn left onto rural road 4063 to Doi Saket Hot Spring, and finally to Highway 118.

the route back cm
Route back to Chiang Mai.

This route is convenient and has gorgeous scenery. If you ride a motorcycle, I highly recommended it. Drive slowly and enjoy.

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